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A woman’s perspective

An exhibition at XVA gallery questions how a woman’s worth is judged in contemporary society

Image Credit: Supplied
A painting by Sarvenaz Farsian
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XVA gallery is hosting an exhibition, Net Worth, featuring new works on paper by Iranian artists Sarvenaz Farsian and Arezu. The show presents a woman’s perspective of contemporary society, and questions how a woman’s worth is judged. It compels viewers to think about how women are perceived and treated, and why their true value is not understood.

Arezu was raised in Iran, and now lives in Dubai. She boldly addresses her concerns as a woman, that developed during her adolescence and remain at the forefront of her mind. Farsian, who lives in Iran, has chosen to look inwards, and explore themes of beauty and abstraction to exercise her freedom of expression.

Arezu is presenting a continuation of her photographic series, That Obscure Object. The new series, titled That Obscure Object — Redefined expresses her frustration at the objectification of women in society. In a defiant attempt to redefine the meaning of object with reference to the female form, the artist has collaged imagery from diverse sources, places, times and societies onto photographs of female figures shot by her. By juxtaposing these different elements, she has constructed narratives that are dramatic, humorous and provocative, asking viewers to question their perceptions and prejudices.

Farsian’s way of fighting for female emancipation is soft and subtle. In her series of abstract works on paper, titled, My Magical Garden, she has used a pen and a blade to create intricate mesh-like drawings and cutouts. The artist worked instinctively, focusing on form rather than narrative, quietly waging a war for freedom of expression with every careful, graceful and determined movement of her pen and blade.

Net Worth will run at XVA gallery in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, Bur Dubai until October 24.