Jonathan Gabrio, Head of Connected Experience Center at Samsung Electronics America, talks about improvements to Ballie, the company's AI robot which was introduced at CES 2020, during a Samsung Electronics press conference at CES 2024, an annual consumer electronics trade show, in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8, 2024. Image Credit: Reuters

Las Vegas: Samsung Electronics has unveiled an updated version of its AI home companion robot Ballie at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024.

After facing criticism for its unsettling design in 2020, Ballie has undergone a significant makeover and now boasts advanced features to help users navigate their lives more efficiently. This revamped iteration was unveiled at CES 2024.

Samsung's CES showcase revealed Ballie's advanced projector, automatically adjusting brightness and focus for optimal viewing, no matter where you throw it a task.

Samsung highlighted Ballie's role in assisting users by connecting and managing household devices, learning from user patterns for intelligent and personalised services. Ballie provides peace of mind through video updates of pets or loved ones when users are away, and it adjusts the ambiance for various activities at home.

With features like projecting workout videos and handling calls, Ballie enhances productivity and enjoyment at home. The compact device, about the size of a bowling ball, boasts a two to three-hour battery life, a spatial lidar sensor for navigation, and a 1080p projector with two lenses for versatile use.

Samsung's broader connected home initiatives go beyond cute rolling robots, including UI and feature updates for SmartThings and a new "map view" feature. This interactive home map showcases animated avatars of residents and pets, illustrating Samsung's commitment to advancing the connected home experience.

The price and launch date of the new Ballie are yet to be revealed.

According to Samsung, Ballie elevates home life. With its versatile projector and intelligent AI, it blurs the lines between entertainment, communication, and even fitness, enriching your everyday experience.

Samsung's updated robot features in a promo video, showcasing its ability to project movies, images, and even video calls onto any surface:

Image Credit: Screengrab

A dog's personal entertainment system: Ballie projects a bird video, keeping your furry friend engaged while you're away.

Ballie navigates with a lidar sensor and projects movies with a dual-lens 1080p projector. Image Credit: Screengrab

A seamless video conferencing companion: No more awkward laptop balancing! Ballie projects your video call onto the wall, freeing your hands and enhancing the experience.

Ballie transforms any surface into a personal cinema, adjusting the picture angle for the perfect view. Image Credit: Screengrab

Your own personal ceiling-mounted fitness instructor: Forget bulky gym equipment. Ballie projects a workout routine onto the ceiling, guiding you through each exercise with perfect posture.