The Beach House at Al Marjan Island by Range Ras Al Khaimah Image Credit: Supplied

Range Ras Al Khaimah, one of the UAE’s leading real estate developers, signed a deal at the beginning of February with Marjan to build three new developments in Ras Al Khaimah – The Beach House at Al Marjan Island with 88 apartments, The Beach Residences at Al Marjan Island with 421 apartments and 11 town houses, and The Beach Vista at Al Marjan Island.

All the properties boast stylish and contemporary designs and interiors. Prices start at Dh1.1 million and offer potentially significant returns. The projects have a combined gross development value of close to Dh1.5 billion.

Ras Al Khaimah, one of the most picturesque emirates of the UAE, has the country’s most dynamic real estate market.

“We see great potential in Ras Al Khaimah,” says Mohammed Asaria, Managing Director and Member of the Board of Range Developments. “It has all the attributes we like to see such as a robust and diversified economy.”

The Beach Residences at Al Marjan Island Image Credit: Supplied

Compared to some of the other emirates, Ras Al Khaimah offers more attractive property prices, with the potential of a greater upside. This affordability factor not only attracts individual investors but also opens opportunities for institutional investors and real estate funds. With the potential for appreciation in property values over time, investing in Ras Al Khaimah real estate can yield substantial returns on investment in terms of capital and income generation opportunities.

Based in Dubai, Range Developments has an unparalleled track record in building high-quality resorts in the Caribbean, providing investors with access to exceptional real estate developments.

Range Developments has more than a decade of experience, completing the Park Hyatt St Kitts (CNN named it Best New Hotel in the Caribbean in 2017) and the InterContinental Dominica Cabrits Resort & Spa (Forbes magazine proclaimed it the most anticipated hotel opening in the Caribbean in 2019). Range Developments is opening the Six Senses in Grenada in March of this year and is finishing the InterContinental Grenada Resort, due to open in 2025. Range Developments has also created a number of high-end properties in Dubai’s most prestigious neighbourhoods. Now it is turning its attention to Ras Al Khaimah.

“Our site selection, building design and interior aesthetic have been carefully curated to cater to end users and investors alike,” says Riaz Shariff, Managing Director and Member of the Board of Range Developments.

Strong demand

Ras Al Khaimah is witnessing significant infrastructure development, including the expansion of airports, ports, and road networks, which has further boosted its economic potential. As a result, the demand for residential and commercial properties in the emirate is on the rise, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

As tourism continues to grow, the demand for hotels, resorts, and vacation homes is expected to increase, creating lucrative opportunities for real estate investors.

The rental market in Ras Al Khaimah is strong, with high rental yields compared to other real estate markets in the UAE. The combination of affordable property prices and a growing demand for rental properties makes it an attractive option for investors looking to generate passive income. Whether you choose to invest in residential properties or commercial spaces, rental yields in Ras Al Khaimah have the potential to provide a steady cash flow.

Secondary market

Another positive sign for the maturity and stability of Ras Al Khaimah’s property market is the emergence of a strong secondary market. This trend indicates that investors have confidence in the emirate’s long-term potential and are willing to buy and sell properties, creating a robust market ecosystem.

The emirate has a strong governance structure and a clear vision for economic growth, ensuring that investors can have confidence in the stability and security of their investments.

Investing in Ras Al Khaimah real estate presents a lucrative opportunity for both individual and institutional investors, particularly with a proven developer such as Range Ras Al Khaimah. With its economic stability, affordable property prices, booming tourism sector, tax benefits, and high rental yields, Ras Al Khaimah is the perfect investment destination.

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