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With Dubai going through a property boom, there are many first-time investors entering the city’s lucrative property market. Whether you’re looking at properties to invest in or you have recently bought a new house, it’s crucial to cast a critical eye when assessing the condition of your property. Minor faults that are easily overlooked during build can create serious problems in the future. From poorly fitted ceilings and floors to other interior issues, these problems may be time-consuming and expensive to address. Snagging has become an essential service for property owners so that they can identify issues early, which could potentially cost them thousands of dirhams in the future.

“Put simply, snagging is the complete assessment of a property by identifying defects before the developer hands over the property to you,” explains Aiko Durimkhan, Property Management Director at Metropolitan Premium Properties. “It involves a detailed inspection to identify major or minor construction defects and damage that may cause risks or endanger your life investments.”

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It’s imperative that the owner does a snagging assessment before the handover of property, she says. “If there are any minor or major issues identified, they will be the developer’s responsibility to fix. Snagging enables you to identify defects and damages during the handover process. It ensures that your investment is safe and prevents you from spending extra money on additional charges to fix construction issues.”

A snagging inspection takes a minimum of three hours depending on the size of the property and quality of build.

Metropolitan Premium Properties offers snagging services that include air-conditioning systems – working condition of the thermostat, grills, thermal supply, etc; electrical systems – proper installation of lights, sockets, plugs, etc; plumbing – identifying defects in the water supply system, water heater, drainage, pipes, etc; interior finishes – checking for wall damages, paint, ceiling, door, balcony, quality finishes, etc; and appliances or furniture defects – working condition and quality of white goods such as fridge, washing machine, etc.

Costing Dh1.3 per square feet, Metropolitan Premium Properties’ basic package includes one snagging inspection with a minimum fee depending on the number of bedrooms. The full assistance package costs Dh2 per square feet, with a minimum fee based on the number of bedrooms.

In this package, Metropolitan’s experienced professional technicians will not only provide an inspection report but also cover booking and negotiating with the developer on behalf of the owner. It also includes unlimited re-inspection until all reported damages are fixed.

“One of the things that make us the best in the market is our proven customer service – you can see the feedback on Google Reviews from our many satisfied customers,” says Durimkhan.

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