Silversands in Grand Anse, Grenada Image Credit: Supplied

ORA Developers are in the business of redefining luxury living in hospitality. The vision is simple but sophisticated: elegant, minimalistic designs with a Nordic aesthetic are married to the latest that tech has to offer in beautiful buildings that organically meld into the landscape in an unobtrusive manner.

It all began with a concept by Naguib Sawiris, CEO and Chairman of ORA Developers, back in 2016; he wanted to build exquisite, exclusive, high-quality developments including hospitality properties around the world. His strategic planning has paid off. Along with mixed-use developments and residential properties in Cyprus, Egypt, Grenada and Pakistan, the company’s portfolio boasts two world-class hospitality brands that are synonymous with experiential living: its luxury brand, Silversands in Grenada and Greece, and its modern, younger brand, Yi in Greece.

Silversands in Grand Anse, Grenada is an architectural delight, with eight beachside and hillside villas nestling in the serene landscape, alongside a five-star hotel comprising rooms and suites as well as one of the longest infinity pools in the Caribbean. The company's luxury boutique hotel on Portici Beach, Silversands Beach House has five beachfront tents and 23 hilltop tents.

In Greece, Silversands Mykonos offers modern, extravagant living experiences with a Cycladic flavour while Yi Hotel Mykonos lets you escape to a world of indulgence and relaxation.

Impeccably designed, beautifully landscaped and tastefully decorated, ORA’s every hospitality property reflects Sawiris’ taste and refinement.

Unique approach

Eschewing the often-resorted route of handing over properties to management companies after development, ORA created a team in-house to make sure its hotels retained their unique character and aesthetic. It was not an easy journey and involved a steep learning curve. “We brought in consultants to shadow and oversee what we've done as well as to detect loopholes in our structures,” Sawiris explains.

Naguib Sawiris, CEO and Chairman of ORA Developers

Eventually, ORA put in place the right systems and right teams to deliver outstanding experiences to its guests.

Smart hotel

One of Sawiris’ ideas that greatly enhances user experience is the unique use of tech. “When you arrive at Silversands Grenada, there is a software application that you put on your phone,” says Sawiris. “Once you put it on your phone, you can open your door with the phone, play your own music, turn the lights on, draw the shades, or close the blinds. If you're sitting at the beach and someone rings your door, you can see who’s at the door on your phone - if it's room service or a friend – and you can open the door for them from the beach.”

Know your guest

ORA believes that an iconic hotel is more than just great architecture and sophisticated interiors. It’s about understanding the behaviour of guests and tailoring experiences to meet their needs. The company takes pride in getting to know its guests and making sure they are satisfied with the high-end service it provides every single time.

Having perfected the art of delivering memorable experiences at its Silversands properties, ORA is now looking to replicate them around the world. Backed by its in-house hospitality management team comprising some of the best names in the industry, the company is already making waves in Greece with Silversands and Yi Hotel.

Yi Hotel Mykonos in Greece Image Credit: Supplied

Simple yet sophisticated architecture, smart and easy-to-use tech, and stellar guest relations mark ORA’s hospitality properties. ORA’s recently announced mixed-use development in the UAE, in partnership with Abu Dhabi investment company Q Holding, will also embody these features. The company has envisioned a smart and sustainable city of the future spread across 20 million square metres in Ghantoot, complete with an upscale live-work-play development, featuring world-class amenities, opulent residences and a beautiful waterfront location. ORA is confident that its defining characteristics will help it continue expanding as a global brand.