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For most people in the UAE, Jumbo Electronics is a familiar brand name. Lesser known, but a rising star within its domain, Jumbo Enterprise has swiftly ascended through the ranks of the UAE's IT solutions and managed services landscape, leaving a distinct mark on sectors spanning telecommunications, education, hospitality, banking and healthcare.

The ascent of Jumbo Enterprise, a division of the Jumbo Group established in 2001, has been marked by its collaboration with industry giants to deliver cutting-edge IT solutions, including network integration, cybersecurity, hybrid IT, digital workplace solutions, and managed services. These transformative offerings have not only gained traction but have also steered the company towards redefining the market as a new and potent player.

Legacy advantage

Celebrating half a century in operation, Jumbo Group's enduring legacy and profound regional recognition have furnished Jumbo Enterprise with a unique advantage. "Jumbo Enterprise is a home-grown business and a part of Jumbo Group, which is nearing its 50-year mark at the end of the year," says Vikas Chadha, CEO of Jumbo Group.

Vikas Chadha, CEO of Jumbo Group

"This alone is a testament to the reliability and financial stability of the company. It’s a business that’s consistently updated and upgraded with time to meet the requirements of the market and the client."

Harnessing robust alliances with industry powerhouses such as HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Intel, Aruba, Checkpoint, Fortinet, Nexthink, Hitachi Systems, SymphonyAI Summit, and Ricoh, Jumbo Enterprise seamlessly delivers a comprehensive spectrum of IT solutions, says Rajan Sharma, Head – Jumbo Enterprise. These encompass advisory consultation, meticulous design and implementation strategies, and the provision of adept managed services. These offerings are directed towards serving both large and mid-sized enterprises, as well as governmental institutions within the UAE.

Success story

One of Jumbo Enterprise's defining achievements took place last year when it entered into a multi-million-dirham agreement with a prominent UAE industrial behemoth. The project's initial phase witnessed the augmentation of the client's network infrastructure and the deployment of a state-of-the-art wireless platform. This platform enabled multi-zoning, seamless integration with IoT-enabled devices, real-time monitoring, and centralised provisioning, ushering in a new era of efficiency and effectiveness. Having seamlessly met the objectives of the first phase, the second phase is currently under way, reaffirming Jumbo Enterprise's commitment to reshaping the client's technological landscape.

"Jumbo Enterprise proposed a solution of best-in-class networking products from Aruba, Siemens, and Cambium for a ramped-up and armoured industrial Wi-Fi network. This enabled a smarter, efficient and cost-effective operation resulting in greater flexibility and freedom to our client," says Sharma.

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Growing roster of clients

Jumbo Enterprise has forged partnerships with leading firms such as Adnoc EGA, Dewa, Alef Education, Federal Authority, Dubai Holding, Du, flydubai, Expo, Adnec, ADCB, and Mediclinic. These partnerships highlight the company's exceptional ability to not just meet but exceed expectations.

Sharma underscores the driving force behind these enduring partnerships: "Our proven track record of executing large projects across end-user compute, AVSI, infra solutions, managed print and managed IT services, and a competent workforce remain the biggest draw for our customers."

Jumbo Enterprise's value proposition is not limited to services alone – it extends to complete technology lifecycle ownership, ensuring that clients receive unwavering support from inception to execution. The consultative approach, vendor-agnostic stance, and robust partnerships with leading OEMs further solidify the company's position as a trusted partner.

Eye on the future

As the digital landscape evolves, Jumbo Enterprise is at the forefront of innovation, expanding its offerings to include cybersecurity and AI integration. Recognising the burgeoning demand in these domains, the company is positioning itself as a stalwart in these critical areas. The company understands the digital landscape is constantly evolving, so now also includes solutions aimed at tackling the increasing influence of artificial intelligence. "Jumbo Enterprise is going more in depth in these areas, strengthening its portfolio and increasing its services and offerings in the process," says Chadha.

With a workforce exceeding 300 professionals, Jumbo Enterprise has leveraged the foundations laid by Jumbo Group as a reputable IT distributor and retailer. This has enabled Jumbo Enterprise to embark on an ambitious expansion journey, spanning managed services, network solutions, data centre services, security solutions, and end-user devices for enterprises.

In its commitment to fostering education and innovation, Jumbo Enterprise has launched the Intel Skills for Innovation (SFI) programme. Collaborating with educational entities, this initiative equips students and teachers alike with the skills necessary for a technology-driven future, emphasising real-world problem-solving and practical applications.

As the curtains rise on Jumbo Enterprise's journey, one thing is clear: it is on a growth trajectory. With aspirations to become the UAE's premier destination for IT services, products and solutions, the company's accolades, including the HP Reseller of the Year and Ricoh: Strategic Partner Awards, are merely markers of its potential.

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