Vincentas Grinius, CEO and Co-founder of IPXO, says opening an office in Abu Dhabi offers a unique opportunity to enhance client coverage and technical support in Mena and Apac regions Image Credit: Supplied

IPXO, a leader in public IP address solutions, has made significant strides with its patented network automation solution, generating $14m (Dh51.4m) in revenue by unlocking and provisioning idle network resources to rapidly scaling infrastructures.

Operating from its European base, IPXO has a globally diversified customer base. Approximately 40 per cent of its revenue comes from the US, 36 per cent from Europe and 21 per cent from Asia. However, recognising the untapped potential in the MENA and APAC regions, marked by fast-paced consumer tech adoption and a need for enhanced connectivity, IPXO aims to deepen its footprint by being closer to its clients.

This expansion presents a unique opportunity to shape regional best practices in Internet Protocol usage, highlighting the strategic value telecoms and infrastructure operators play in supporting the development and adoption of end-user applications. These efforts underscore the critical importance of the MENA and APAC regions in the global internet ecosystem.

IPXO is eyeing Abu Dhabi for its first regional office outside of Europe. "Expanding into the MENA and APAC regions offers a unique opportunity to enhance our client coverage and technical support in these key areas," says Vincentas Grinius, CEO and Co-founder of IPXO.

"We're targeting to open our office later this year, welcoming our sales and technical teams to this dynamic hub, known for its excellent English-speaking and technical skill base."

Originating from the success of Heficed, a global internet infrastructure business previously built and sold by the same founding team, IPXO carries forward a legacy of extensive international reach. By 2022, Heficed served more than 90,000 clients across nine international data centres. After its sale to US-based Hivelocity, the founding team shifted its focus to IPXO, leveraging 14 years of experience in scaling global infrastructure services.

With a dedicated team of 70, the company has invested heavily in R&D over the past two years, demonstrating its commitment to innovation.

Looking ahead, IPXO's vision extends to expanding services to a Public IP Address Management suite with its Next-Gen IPAM, enabling international companies to address global challenges in such areas as streaming services, social networks, remote work, multicloud, and growing security concerns. It envisions a trusted internet infrastructure platform that enables global enterprises to share resources more effectively, support sustainable technologies, and help NGOs apply best practices in internet protocol standards for a more transparent and secure global network infrastructure.

Established in August 2021, IPXO is rooted in the vision of an open and secure internet and facilitates fast and sustainable infrastructure scaling, ensuring equitable access to network resources across all businesses through its innovative models. It serves over a thousand clients across 75 industries, offering a monitoring and automation software suite, ranging from routing configuration, embedded security and verification functionality, anti-abuse measures, and comprehensive auxiliary network information monitoring.

With its strong presence within the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) organisations community and the goal of creating a transparent and sustainable Internet Protocol ecosystem, IPXO aims to become the network infrastructure aggregation platform for enterprises worldwide.

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