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Asus ExpertBook B1 Image Credit: Supplied

As a leader in the computing space, it is no surprise that Asus Business can offer tailor-made solutions for businesses of all kinds. Whether you are looking to minimize cost, maximize power or make everyday tasks easier, Asus Business has an option.

Asus ExpertBook B1: Work from anywhere

Aimed at small to medium businesses, the 14-inch ExpertBook B1 offers an expansive TUV certified NanoEdge display with a lay-flat hinge, suitable for all viewing scenarios. The machine is compact thanks to its design, but no sacrifices have been made to performance.

Inside, the notebook is powered by an advanced 12th Gen Intel Core processor coupled with up to 48GB of memory. As a business laptop, there is no stone left unturned with ample storage on-board to quickly access your projects and strong endurance for a full day of power on-the-go.

Asus A3042: Style and elegance

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Asus A3042 Image Credit: Supplied

Blending into any enterprise setting, the chic and classic A3402 sports a fresh look that is sure to catch anyone’s eye. You find a NanoEdge display with 100 per-cent sRGB color support combined with a Vivid mode and Asus’ Splendid technology, which in combination ensure vivid yet true-to-life colours.

To complete the multimedia experience, the device is engineered with a powerful audio system. The integrated high-quality stereo speakers deliver 6W of rich sound and benefit from an advanced bass-reflex design that helps you experience full-range sound.

Asus ExpertCenter D500: Power at your desk

ExpertCenter_D500MD_Product photo_Black_handle design with hand
Asus ExpertCenter D500 Image Credit: Supplied

For any focused industry pertaining to manufacturing, healthcare or education, the ExpertCenter D500 offers the perfect blend between performance and size. It thrives on low operating costs and longevity thanks to its stringent environmental requirements at all stages of its product lifecycle.

Inside, it boasts a multi-channel cooling system that leads to better heat dissipation thanks to the large chassis and ultimately, improved productivity. Moreover, the machine lets you expand internals at will, making this a long-term solution for industries that are resource hungry.

Core advantages

Although Asus may have different solutions to tackle varying needs, its products at the core share some key advantageous characteristics that ensure longevity and convenience. All its products feature the world’s number one Asus motherboard with 100 per cent solid capacitors and US military grade reliability. This extends even to Asus’ external hardware with support for spill-resistant and anti-bacterial keyboards. Inside, the devices use a special platinum-based power supply to exhibit up to 85 per cent efficiency thus minimizing long-term cost. In a world driven by communication, Asus’ range also supports two-way AI Noise Cancelling for a better video calling experience.

In conclusion, ASUS BUSINESS lineup is the comprehensive choice to empower your organization with the best-in-class technology solutions, including cutting-edge features, robust build quality, and AI-driven advancements. Check here to see the diverse range of solutions tailored to meet various Business needs from Asus.