Portugal is a popular destination for residency by investment in Europe Image Credit: Shutterstock

Portugal is one of the most sought-after destinations for high-net-worth individuals looking for residency by investment (RBI) programmes in Europe, with demand escalating every year .

The surge in interest comes as a result of the multi-layered benefits of investing in the Portuguese Golden Visa, which include free access to public hospitals, entry into European universities and job markets as well as access to citizenship within five years. The Portuguese passport ranks among the top five most powerful and travel-friendly, granting visa-free access to more than 180 countries.

Add to that the strong performance of the real estate sector in Portugal, and it becomes clear why 90 per cent of Golden Visa investments in 2021 were property related.

In this new Gulf News webinar, Invest in real estate in Portugal for Golden Visa, our panel of experts from PTGoldenVisa will offer a detailed breakdown of the real estate investment options, returns and benefits.

Image Credit: Pranith Ratheesan

They will also be discussing the changes introduced by the Portuguese government this year to balance investments between the main cities and the interior regions, and how these changes will impact investors looking for Golden Visa in Portugal.

“With the minimum investment starting at €280,000, Portugal Golden Visa is the cheapest and the quickest route to secure the fourth strongest passport in the world,” says Tiago Camara, co-founder and partner of PTGoldenVisa.

“We are currently experiencing a very high demand for real estate. During times of instability, investors are increasingly looking for a backup plan for themselves and their family members that guarantees future security. Many high-net-worth-individuals are opting for Portugal for investments, as the market provides a safety net for their family, opportunities for portfolio diversification and returns on their investments,” explains Camara. He, however, warns that investment options for the Golden Visa programme are limited, and advises investors to proceed as soon as possible.

Join David Machado and Tiago Camara, co-founders and partners at PTGoldenVisa on Saturday, November 5, at 11 am, to find out all you need to know about real estate investments in Portugal, returns on qualifying assets for the Golden Visa programme, rental income and legal procedures of buying and selling properties.

They will cover the following topics:

• Residential and commercial real estate that qualifies for Golden Visa

• Demand for holiday homes

• The portfolio of new properties on offer on the Portuguese islands

• Legalities of acquiring assets in Portugal

• Capital appreciation and rental returns

• Why now is the best time to invest in real estate in Portugal for Golden Visa

During the webinar, David and Tiago will also discuss the eligibility criteria, application procedure, and processing time Portuguese Golden Visa, as well answer questions from the audience, live on air.

With an outstanding 100 per cent approval rate for all applications, it is the local knowledge and expertise that sets PTGoldenVisa apart from other consultants. PTGoldenVisa is a fully incorporated service provider that focuses solely on the Portuguese residency programme.

Mark your calendar now for Saturday, November 5, (11am-12pm), and register here to learn more about the investment opportunities in Portugal.