Video Credit: TBD Media

Despite medical science advancing in leaps and bounds, accelerating faster with each passing year, the effect this has had on the average human being’s lifespan in the past few decades has been negligible. For the first time in generations, the next generation of young children to be born may not outlive their parents in terms of life expectancy.

This is why companies such as industry leader Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH) are striving to focus on the individual wellness and betterment of people’s lives. Having made the pivot to wellness for its customers years prior, the team believes the current world events have marked a turning point for much of the industry looking forward.

“I think now in the current situation, where there’s certainly no doubt that the topic of wellness and health has catapulted in the number one position in terms of future trends,” said James Michael Lafferty, CEO of Fine Hygienic Holding. “This current pandemic will have a dramatic impact upon the psyche and the mental state of young people growing up today.”

Fine Hygienic Holding began as a hygienic paper company, but has been making the pivot into the wellness sector for several years. Working closely with medical industry experts, Fine Hygienic Holding was acutely aware and prepared for the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic and how important it will be during a seismic event of this scale to be protected and wear a mask.

Customer health and safety and reducing environmental impact has been the absolute priority for the team. Due to the pandemic, Fine Hygienic Holding has doubled down on its efforts for sustainability and wellness for customers. This has included developing reusable products such as Fine Guard antiviral masks to reduce the environmental effect of disposable and single use items during this crisis.

The team at Fine Hygienic Holding has been working on new innovations to eliminate germs through fabric-woven technologies. Collaborating with a global company, the team has created fabric technology that not only kills germs in a single-use wipe, but continues to kill pollutants over a sustained period. Once the pandemic began, the innovators at Fine Hygienic Holding could apply these innovations to wearable, reusable masks.

The Fine Guard range has since established masks that eliminate 99% of all germs for up to one year and 30 washes, as well as gloves and disinfectants with continuous defence capabilities. The sustained defence capabilities have even led to the development of a hand sanitizer that keeps hands safe for up to 24 hours with only one application, and a surface sanitizer that keeps surfaces safe for up to 21 days as well as a laundry disinfectant that keeps clothes free of germs for up to 7 days, in addition to a fabric and textile disinfectant that kills germs for up to 48 hours. Fine Hygienic Holding is proving time and again the importance of adaptation and evolution in a time of constant change.