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Bilal Moti Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai-based Dutch businessman and Managing Director of Windmills Valuation Services Bilal Moti has been granted a 10-year Golden Visa in the UAE.

He is an MBA, banking diploma holder, and a registered member of RICS and RERA. He possesses 35+ years of entrepreneurship, banking, investment and valuation experience in the UAE, GCC, Asia and Europe.

Moti said: “I am thankful to the Dubai authorities for extending the honour to me and my family. It further enhances our love, commitment and sense of contribution to the country.

“The UAE has transformed into one of global business hubs over the last 30 years. Its leadership, safety, business friendly regulations, advanced infrastructure, international diversity, excellence in many economic sectors, and no income tax environment make it one of the most suitable countries for living, working and investing here.”

“Dubai was the first city in the region, which offered expatriates a freehold right on real estate properties almost 20 years ago, freehold ownership of business in free-zone areas about 10 years ago, and now the first one again to allow businessmen with 100% ownership of their companies. This must lead to expansion in business in the UAE by leaps and bounds.” Moti concluded.

Laxmi Kumar, Chief Valuation Officer at Windmills Valuation Services, added that Expo 2020 will be yet another historical showcase of UAE’s competitive advantages and fast developing market to the international community”.

“The Golden residence visa is yet another categorically clear initiative to welcome new investment and motivate existing businesses,” said Liezl Acena, Windmills’ Business Manager.

Windmills Valuation Services is among the top 3 Silver-rated valuation firms by DLD/RERA. The firm values real estate properties including residential, commercial, industrial and trading properties including hotels, malls, schools, hospitals etc.

Its team is very experienced having valued more than 30,000 properties for over 60 billion for over 1,000 institutional, corporate and high net worth individual clients across all Emirates, GCC and internationally. The company is empaneled with almost all banks in the UAE. Its value propositions are scientifically calculated valuations, transparently disclosed to the clients; fast turnaround service; and fee affordability.