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Earlier this year at the Shanghai Motor Show, Chery proudly introduced the all-new 2024 TIGGO 8 Pro Max, a mid-size SUV that epitomizes a harmonious blend of performance, safety, and a luxurious driving journey. Constructed upon Chery's innovative T1X platform, with collaborative inputs from internationally acclaimed suppliers Bosch and Benteler, the TIGGO 8 Pro Max emerges as an automotive masterpiece.

The all-new model is set to be available in the United Arab Emirates in the 4th quarter of 2023 as part of Chery's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional vehicles to the market. "The affinity for Chery vehicles among Middle East region consumers is growing, with recognition for the brand's futuristic design and technological advancements. The outlook for the Middle East market is highly promising," says Chery in an official statement.

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Underneath its robust chassis lies the heart of power - a 2.0TGDI engine that has earned the esteemed accolade of "China Best Ten Engines." Boasting an impressive power yield of 254HP and a peak torque of 390N m, this powerhouse engine is accompanied by remarkable fuel efficiency, achieving an astounding 7.39L per 100km. The integration of the 7DCT high-efficiency transmission elevates its performance even further, allowing the TIGGO 8 Pro Max to accelerate from 0 to 100km in a mere 7 seconds.

An embodiment of agility and adaptability, the TIGGO 8 Pro Max sets new standards with its intelligent 4WD system - the Chery All Scene 4WD System of Intelligent Control. Equipped with an array of 6 driving modes, from economical to sports, mud, desert, and snow, this cutting-edge system provides users with unparalleled versatility. The swift transition between these modes empowers drivers to conquer diverse terrains and embark on journeys with unwavering confidence.

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Safety, an inherent priority in the design, defines the TIGGO 8 Pro Max. With over 80% utilization of high-strength steel and the incorporation of Benteler ultra-high thermo-forming steel boasting a yield strength of ≥ 1500Mpa, the vehicle's structural integrity is enhanced significantly. Bolstering its safety prowess, the TIGGO 8 Pro Max is equipped with the Bosch ESP 9.3 body electronic stability system and pre-tensioned safety belts as standard features.

Notably, the TIGGO 8 Pro Max is crowned with an advanced ADAS system, harmonizing 16 intelligent driving assistance functions. From adaptive cruise control (ACC) to autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and lane-keeping assistance (LKA), this comprehensive suite elevates both vehicle control and safety. In essence, it delivers peace of mind to the driver, ensuring an unparalleled level of active and passive safety.

Chery's 2024 TIGGO 8 Pro Max redefines the SUV landscape, delivering a symphony of power, safety, and an unmatched driving experience. TIGGO 8 Pro Max emerges as an emblem of innovation, engineering, and automotive artistry.