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The UAE and Dubai in particular is at the forefront of blockchain adoption? Why is this technology the future of seamless transactions?

The UAE set a goal years ago to become the global leader on disruptive new technologies. Blockchain was one of them. It certainly has redeemed its promise. Dubai is leading the development on blockchain. Dubai Blockchain Center - on the guidance with its CEO Dr Marwan Alzarouni - has given a platform for firms to develop blockchain solutions on real use cases.

What works in Dubai’s favour as the ideal place for new age technology such as blockchain to take off?

Dubai government’s commitment to support the new technologies is the key. The support includes the facilities, funding and world-class networking opportunities with peers.

How will blockchain disrupt traditional data storage?

There are 2 kinds of centralised data storages. Those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked. Decentralisation of data storages will provide the needed security for the data storage business. Decentralisation will also cut the infrastructure expenses dramatically.

How does YottaChainMENA help businesses in this regard?

We are happy to bring the most advanced Blockchain Data Storage to the MENA markets. Our patented technology will provide the most secure, most affordable environment for all kinds of data. On the top of everything we have the markets best patented data privacy solution.

And what is the response to this technology in this part of the world?

As the amount of data is growing immensely globally - especially because of the 5G launch - the whole world will need secure affordable solution for storing the data. The MENA is no exception. Everybody loves what we can do for their data in this region.

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YottaChainMENA is at the forefront of blockchain data storage development, one of the world’s most impacting and fastest growing technologies. We are using the world-class public Blockchain YottaChain as the platform. We are redefining blockchain data storage throughout the Middle East and North Africa region.

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