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In 2014, Jordanian expat, M. B. started saving with National Bonds (NBC) on behalf of his newborn daughter, but little did he know about the wonderful surprise heading his way.

“Earlier this year, I was blessed with a second daughter and thought it was time to strengthen my children’s safety net for the future and decided add to my daughter’s savings account with National Bonds. We feel secure saving with NBC due to their longstanding reputation and the opportunity to be a part of their exciting Rewards Program worth AED 35 million annually. We would love to save towards buying a family home for the children and what better way than to top-up the account, said M.B.

Today the seven-year-old daughter, is National Bonds’ latest millionaire!

Her father was thrilled to bits when his daughter was selected as the millionaire in the quarterly draw this July. “I got a call from the NBC team earlier this month and I could not believe my ears when they told me that my daughter had won a million Dirhams through the Rewards Program” recalls M.B. “I never thought that a simple step towards my daughters’ futures would result in my daughter being the next millionaire and I truly believe that both my daughters have come to this world with good fortune, and there’s even better things ahead,” he adds ecstatically.

The delighted father intends to further boost the financial welfare of his daughters by setting up an Education Plan with NBC.

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Name your goal

First, you need to decide what you want to save for. If you name your goal, you’ll reach it faster. If you’re new to saving, try starting with a small goal.

Even if you’re just saving for a rainy day, you’re more likely to succeed if you have a goal amount in mind.

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Several other winners were also announced in NBC’s prize draw held this July, including an Indian expat, Ritu Bharadwaja, who won the Tesla, an Emirati millionaire and the numerous individuals who won Dh5,000 each in cash prizes and many more.

“We all hope to win a draw for a million dirhams or a car, but in reality, a voice deep down always says, I don’t think I will be lucky enough to win. As the years pass by, I have seen multiple people winning such fabulous prizes with National Bonds and when I found out that I won the Tesla, I felt like it was too good to be true; the feeling was surreal. Since I got my driver’s license, I have always shared a car with my family and now to be able to own a car that is mine and not an ordinary car, a prestigious Tesla is nothing but a dream come true. I can’t thank National Bonds enough for my prize, I am over the moon with joy!” said Ritu.

Join in to grab AED 35 million in rewards each year! This includes exclusive prizes for expats and Emiratis such as a grand prize of AED 1 million each for two winners, every quarter, luxurious car prizes all year round and over 423,000 in prizes every year, with dedicated rewards for ladies, minors and regular savers.

Be a winner today and save with National Bonds!

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