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Sam Bayat, Founder and Owner, Bayat Legal Services Image Credit: Gulf News

Is buying property for citizenship of good value?

I have always promoted buying a property or a share as a good investment option since this can be sold in the future. Today, an applicant can find lots of secure and good value investments to obtain a residency or citizenship. Caribbean nations and Turkey are good markets to buy a property and apply for citizenship.

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Are there any new focus countries that investors are showing interest in to migrate since the outbreak of Covid-19?

We have seen a big increase in enquires for all programmes — citizenship by investment (CBI), residency by investment (RBI) and migration. Travel restrictions during the pandemic have pushed many people to re-evaluate their migration plans and now they want to start the process. Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the most sought after destinations for expats living in this region, followed by the European Union’s passive residency programmes or the Golden Visa or RBI and second citizenships programmes.

Could you share some details on Bayat Group’s pro bono service?

With the intention to serve and truly give back to the community, we have set up a pro bono service to help individuals interested in migrating to Canada as a skilled worker. With prior reservation and subject to certain criteria, people can visit our office, utilise our infrastructure, and take support to fill up the forms and get any questions answered.

What are the key benefits that clients get from Bayat Group’s citizenship and residency by investment programmes?

While Bayat group represents some citizenship and residency by investment programmes as an official government agent or authorised promoter, we work for all the programmes, either directly or through our partners. Some of the key benefits in hiring us include detailed knowledge of the programmes; unmatched ability to offer advice and guiding a client to choose the right programme; ability to operate within the confines of the law in a creative, lateral and innovative manner in order to achieve the client’s objectives; and practical experience of three decades