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Bayat: A Solemn Promise launches on on April 14 Image Credit: Supplied

The story of migration is as old as civilisation itself, with dynasties and empires fashioned through perilous journeys undertaken by humankind that often triumphed with the discovery of new lands.

The modern narrative surrounding migration maybe less arduous but is not devoid of risk with unscrupulous immigration consultants known to hoodwink potential migrants of their hard-earned money. There is space in the sector, therefore for honest-to-good immigration consultants to make a mark by raising awareness on the migration process. And, if this is being done for free, it's definitely news.

Pro bono consultation on immigration

As one of the most well-known brands to provide legal services in the immigration sector in the UAE, Bayat Legal Services now hopes to set the record straight on providing essential immigration and second citizenship through investment services with integrity, while observing due diligence.

In an industry first for the UAE and the region, Bayat: A Solemn Promise, an exclusive web series produced by Bayat Legal Services in collaboration with agnc3 and Gulf News, explores the common issues afflicting families wishing to migrate from the UAE to a foreign land. The web series also raises awareness on the firm’s newly launched pro bono service, offering free consultation on a case per case basis to those exploring options to migrate to Canada, the UK, EU, Australia and New Zealand.

4 families, 1 goal

The ability of a story offering the right mix of emotion, drama and empathy, to touch hearts and minds is a universal truth.

Bayat: A Solemn Promise, a 4-part webisode series that presents emotional and powerfully scripted stories of characters as they successfully navigate the immigration process with support from Bayat Legal Services, maybe a work of fiction. But these tales are based on true stories as well, drawing inspiration from the narratives of the hundreds and thousands of ordinary men, women and children, families, bachelors and professionals all aspiring for a better life in their attempts to migrate to a foreign land.

Scripted as an anthology, with the lives of the 4 families intertwined with one another through chance, the webisode series creates a compelling narrative for those frustrated by the immigration process.

How these four protagonists and their dependants lose and then gain hope in their efforts at migration to a destination of their choice, with support from Bayat Legal Services, forms the crux of the web series.

Intrigued? The first episode launches on Wednesday, April 14. Watch the trailer now.