Watch! Police PIT move almost ends in disaster…

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Watch! Police PIT move almost ends in disaster…

A pursuit intervention technique, aka PIT, is a tactic used by police by which a pursuing car can force a fleeing car to turn sideways abruptly, causing the driver to lose control and stop. But when an officer tried this on a fleeing truck driver, it almost ended in disaster.

A constable of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol was chasing a white Chevrolet Silverado and as it entered the highway, the officer performed the PIT maneuver on the truck – but it nearly sent it tumbling into oncoming traffic.

Luckily, a concrete barrier prevented this from happening but the truck flipped over onto its roof and then back onto its wheels and incredibly, the driver continued to flee the scene despite the vehicle suffering significant damage.

The driver, 43-year-old Floyd Grass, eventually slowed to a halt and surrendered. He and his an unnamed passenger were arrested.

The close call comes shortly after the Arkansas State Police came under fire for performing a PIT maneuver at 175kph last month which resulted in the death of 34-year-old Justin Battenfield.

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