Auto fuel pump rage
Hilarious footage has emerged out of the city of Brandon in Manitoba, Canada showing an angry man repeatedly hitting and smashing a fuel pump... Image Credit: Brandon Police / Twitter

Fuel pumps are pretty harmless, they fill our vehicles with petrol and allow us to get on with our day - but one man in Canada clearly can’t stand them and resorted to beating one up!

The shocking yet hilarious surveillance video emerged out of the city of Brandon in Manitoba, and it shows an angry man repeatedly hitting a pump. Brandon police released the footage which was filmed on April 25 at a petrol station on Highland Avenue.

He is seen hitting the pump with his fist as he tries to pump fuel but grows increasingly irritated and starts kicking out at it. Finally, he pulls out the nozzle from his car and hits the pump with it, then throws it in air and drives off in anger. Police said the man was upset after being asked to pay before pumping.

“He wasn’t pleased about being asked to pre-pay for his fuel and unfortunately decided to take it out on the gas pump,” said Brandon Police spokesperson Const. Myran Hamm. “There’s a complaint of mischief because there was some damage done to the pump.”

This sure is a bizarre incident and we hope the man was able to calm down when he got back behind the wheel of his car – you certainly don’t want someone to be driving around as angry he appears to be.

Authorities are asking anyone who recognizes him to call them.