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UAE Transport

Abu Dhabi Police urges swift vehicle removal in minor accidents

Initiative aims to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and prevent unnecessary obstruction

Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: The Directorate of Traffic and Patrols in Abu Dhabi is calling on drivers involved in minor traffic accidents — regardless of whether they caused or were affected by the incident — to promptly move their vehicles off the road to the nearest safe location.

This initiative aims to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and prevent unnecessary obstructions.

Seek help

Drivers are encouraged to seek assistance from the Abu Dhabi Police Command and Control Centre to coordinate the clearance of the accident scene, making way for other vehicles to pass without disruption.

Major Mahmoud Al-Balushi, Director of Traffic and Patrols, emphasised that the practice of moving vehicles from the road in the case of minor traffic accidents does not hinder the investigation process to determine the cause of the accident.


This process is facilitated through precise analytical systems that can identify accident causes accurately.

Minimising risks

Leaving vehicles involved in minor accidents on the road, along with broken-down vehicles or vehicles changing tires in traffic lanes, increases the risk of hit-and-run accidents and other traffic-related hazards.

Abu Dhabi Police's Traffic and Patrol Directorate remains committed to its strategic objectives of promoting awareness and a culture of safe driving.

They do so through awareness campaigns, educational materials, and field workshops. Additionally, the Abu Dhabi Police security media department utilises social media platforms to disseminate vital information and enhance public awareness regarding road safety.