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Leading Cancer Care at Medcare Hospital Sharjah

The hospital offers advanced cancer care with personalized treatment plans

Medcare Hospital Sharjah
Image Credit: Supplied

Medcare Hospital in Sharjah is at the forefront of cancer care, offering a comprehensive oncology program that emphasises personalised treatment plans for patients with cancer or suspected cancer. This program includes a multidisciplinary team approach involving medical oncology, surgical oncology, pathology, radiology, and dedicated oncology nurses, ensuring holistic care for each patient.

The cancer care program at Medcare Hospital Sharjah features a Tumor Board, a collaborative panel that includes various specialists who review and discuss cancer cases to develop the most effective treatment strategy for patients.

This board ensures that all aspects of care are considered, from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up.

“The hospital’s dedication to providing cutting-edge treatments and compassionate care, aiming to improve the quality of life for those affected by cancer. The leadership’s message is clear: Medcare is not just about treating cancer; it’s about nurturing hope and empowering patients and their families on their journey towards recovery.”

- Dr. Shanila Laiju, CEO Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres

Services offered at Medcare Hospital Sharjah encompass the latest in cancer treatment modalities including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and surgical oncology. Chemotherapy utilises powerful medications to eliminate rapidly growing cancer cells, while immunotherapy boosts the body’s immune system to fight cancer. Targeted therapy aims at specific molecules involved in the growth, progression, and spread of cancer cells, sparing normal cells and minimising side effects.


Surgical oncology at Medcare involves the removal of tumours and cancerous tissues, with skilled oncologists in diagnosing cancer and determining its spread. This specialisation is crucial for many cancer treatment plans.

“It’s a beacon of hope that lights the path to recovery. To those facing uncertainty, remember, resilience is your super power. Every step forward is a testament to your courage.”

- Dr. Soha Abdelbaky, Consultant Medical Oncology, Medcare Hospital Sharjah

Medcare Hospital Sharjah’s oncology team is known for its advanced and quality treatments across various cancer types, including breast, gynaecological, stomach, colorectal, lung, head and neck, thyroid, liver, bladder, kidney, prostate, and blood cancers. The hospital’s commitment to offering cutting-edge, individualised patient care is evident through its multidisciplinary team and Tumour Board, ensuring that each patient’s treatment is as effective and supportive as possible.

Choosing Medcare Hospital Sharjah for cancer care means accessing a team of highly skilled doctors, state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques, and world-class treatment options tailored to each patient’s unique needs, providing a quality of care that meets international standards.