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Empowering communities with awareness and hope in the fight against cancer

Doctors from Aster Clinics shed light on the rising tide of cancer

Aster Clinic, Al Muteena, Deira
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Awareness is the key to well-being. Let us shed light on the rising tide of cancer as doctors from Aster Clinics share their expert advice.

In the world of modern healthcare, cancer stands as a formidable adversary, with its increasing prevalence each passing year. This signals the urgent need for proactive measures to confront this pervasive threat.

In the UAE alone, approximately 4,500 individuals are diagnosed with cancer each year, reflecting the urgency of the situation. Amidst these numbers, there is a lot of courage, resilience, and hope, as advancements in medical sciences and increased awareness offer a ray of optimism in the fight against this life-threatening condition.

Understanding the Spectrum: Types of Cancer

Cancer is a multifaceted disease and encompasses a spectrum of conditions, each with its unique characteristics and challenges. It is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. While each type of cancer varies in its origin, they all share the commonality of posing significant health challenges.

Breast cancer, for instance, predominantly affects women but can also occur in men. Dr Nayana Gaba, Specialist Gynaecology and Obstetrics at Aster Clinic, Al Muteena, Deira says breast cancer develops as a lump or mass in the breast tissue or sometimes axillary area and may be accompanied by changes in breast size, shape, or texture.

She further adds that ovarian cancer, often referred to as the “silent killer,” may present with vague symptoms such as bloating, pelvic pain, or changes in urinary or bowel habits.


Dr Raiza Hameed KH, Specialist Pulmonology at Aster Clinic, Bur Dubai, AJMC says lung cancer often goes undetected until it reaches its advanced stages as it grows quietly in the early stages without any symptoms.

Symptoms of lung cancer such as cough, chest pain and shortness of breath are associated with other respiratory conditions which also make it go undetected.

Dr Gurnam Singh Girniwale, Specialist Urology at Aster Clinic, Al Khail Mall, Al Quoz and Jumeirah Lake Towers states that Prostate cancer, a leading cause of cancer-related fatality among men, typically develops in the prostate gland and may present with urinary symptoms or discomfort in the pelvic region.

Although early detection of prostate cancer can provide a good chance of better outcomes with less morbidity and increased survival rate.

Dr Sumi Thomas, Specialist Dermatology and Cosmetology at Aster Clinic, Al Muteena, Deira mentions skin cancers including melanoma and non-melanoma types like squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma may appear as unusual moles, raised skin lesions or changes in skin colour.


The most important environmental risk factor for melanoma is intense intermittent or chronic sun exposure. Primary prevention of this cancer is based on effective sun protective measures.

Understanding the diverse manifestations of cancer is essential in promoting early detection and effective treatment strategies tailored to everyone’s needs. Meanwhile, the above-mentioned specialists will recommend consulting a cancer specialist, known as an oncologist for further diagnosis and treatment of various types of cancers.

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A Universal Challenge: Understanding Cancer’s Impact

Cancer is a complex disease that knows no boundaries, says Dr Mehwish Tahir, Specialist Radiology at Aster Royal Clinic, Arabian Ranches. She further adds that cancer may strike individuals of all ages, genders, and backgrounds, leaving a profound impact on both patients and their loved ones.

From the initial shock of diagnosis to the complexities of treatment and survivorship, the cancer journey is marked by uncertainty, fear, and resilience.


Call to Action: The Importance of Early Detection

Dr Azam Ashraf, General Practitioner at Aster Clinic, Abu Hail says in the continuous battle against cancer, early detection serves as a powerful tool, offering a lifeline to individuals at risk and improving treatment outcomes. Routine screenings and preventive health checks play a significant role in identifying cancer at its earliest stages when it is more treatable.

By detecting the changes and abnormalities before they convert into symptoms of something concerning, doctors can intervene swiftly, offering timely care that can save lives and improve quality of life.

Pioneering Progress: New Trends in Cancer Care

Dr Saba Aslam, Specialist Radiology at Aster Clinic, Al Qusais and Al Warqa says advancements in cancer treatment have revolutionised patient care, offering innovative therapies that target cancer cells while minimising collateral damage to healthy cells.

From immunotherapy to targeted radiotherapy, personalised treatment approaches are flourishing in a new era of hope for patients battling cancer.

The latest trends in the treatment of cancer include immunotherapy, precision medicine, targeted therapy, integrative medicine, palliative care, and multiple others.


Uniting for a Cause: Advocacy and Awareness

Advocacy and awareness efforts are influential in driving effective outcomes and fostering a culture of proactive healthcare. In treating a disease like cancer, knowledge plays a significant role not only in the patient’s life but in the family too.

Dr Ankita Tuknayat, Specialist Dermatology and Cosmetology at Aster Clinic, Sheikh Zayed Road says that with the rising global incidence rates of cancers including one of the most serious forms, melanoma, public awareness and preventive measures are more crucial than ever. Early detection is the key.

For instance, knowing the tell-tale signs of melanoma (new growths, bumps or a sudden change in already existing mole) is crucial in early diagnosis before it starts metastasizing as melanoma can be life-threatening.

The experienced team at Aster Clinics is efficient in not just treating the patients but they are empathetic towards the patient and their family’s whole journey in the fight against cancer.

Cancer Prevention: Possibility and Ways

Cancer prevention isn’t just a lofty goal; it’s an achievable reality with proactive measures towards safeguarding health and well-being with Aster.


By understanding the risk factors, following a healthy lifestyle, and taking significant steps towards early detection and intervention, individuals can significantly reduce their likelihood of developing cancer.

Knowledge is key, lifestyle is a shield! Being knowledgeable about the risk factors and consequences makes you more aware and cautious. Your lifestyle choices have a significant influence on your cancer risk.

Holistic Care at Aster

At Aster Clinics, we believe in a holistic approach to healthcare for our patients. Our commitment to expert care extends beyond mere medical treatments, encompassing a range of supportive therapies and services to nurture your overall well-being.

Above all, our approach to care is patient-centred, placing you at the heart of everything we do.