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Don’t go for prayers if you're sick: UAE Sharia Council issues fatwa to curb coronavirus spread

Those who are ill or suspect Covid-19 infection should stay at home

Hundreds of people visited Al Farooq Mosque (Blue Mosque) for Eid Prayers on the first day of Eid in Dubai on 28th July, 2014.
Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: The UAE’s Sharia Council on Tuesday issued a fatwa prohibiting those infected or suspected of contracting coronavirus from attending congregational prayers, Friday prayer, Eid prayer and being in public places.

The fatwa made it clear that the public must follow all instructions issued by competent authorities including constant washing of hands with soap and water and covering nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

“Those suspected of being infected with Covid-19 must be quarantined and commit to treatment programme set out by health authorities” the Council said.

The fatwa also made it allowable for senior citizens, minors and those who suffer from respiratory diseases and weak immune system not to attend congregational prayers, Eid prayers, Taraweeh prayers and to perform acts of worship at home or their whereabouts rather than at mosques.

As for Hajj and Umrah, the council affirmed that all Muslims are obliged to abide by instructions issued by Saudi Arabia, out of its sovereign and legal responsibility to take care of pilgrims and visitors, and maintain the health and safety of all.


The council stressed that all bodies should, according to Sharia, cooperate with the competent authorities and provide necessary support - within their jurisdiction - to limit and eliminate the disease and prevent the spread of rumors. Information must be obtained from official sources and competent authorities, the fatwa added.

It also called on all entities and individuals to extend a helping hand to those who needs it and not to take advantage of some circumstance by raising prices, especially pharmaceutical products and treatment services.