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UAE Crime

UAE: More than 700 beggars, 1,200 street peddlers arrested in Dubai

Public sent hundreds of confidential reports on crime via Police Eye feature on police app

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Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: Dubai Police arrested 796 beggars and 1,287 street peddlers in the first half of this year.

Running under the slogan ‘Begging is a Wrong Concept of Compassion’, the anti-begging campaign was launched by the General Department of Criminal Investigations at Dubai Police in cooperation with Dubai’s police stations. It aims to reduce the number of beggars and street peddlers who “exploit others’ feelings and sympathy”.

During the first half of 2022, Dubai Police received 11,974 reports by public members via the ‘Police Eye’ service, including 414 reports related to beggary.

Report beggars
Dubai Police remind the public that begging is illegal in the UAE “as it poses a threat to public safety and security”. The force also reiterated that official and charitable entities are ready to help the needy.
The police urges the public to report beggars through the toll-free number 901 or through the Police Eye service on the Dubai Police app and to report ‘cyber-beggars’ and suspicious online activities on

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What is Police Eye?

Police Eye is a smart feature available on the Dubai Police app. It allows public members to confidentially report suspicious activities and submit security tips. The service aims to maintain security and reduce crime by encouraging the public to report illegal activities and violations easily. The feature allows people to attach videos, photos or voice messages and even pin the location of the incident when filing a report.