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UAE Crime

Man driving under influence of drugs jailed for two years in Dubai

Driving licence of 41-year-old also suspended for six months after release

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Dubai: A man was jailed for two years here for driving under the influence of illegal drugs, during which his vehicle crashed into another car before smashing a traffic signal.

The Dubai Traffic Court, headed by Judge Ali Ahmed Mohammed Al Badwawi, and in the presence of Assistant Deputy Chief Prosecutor Dr. Hamad Al Ali, has sentenced a 41-year-old Gulf citizen to two years’ imprisonment and ordered the suspension of his driving license for a period of six months, starting from the date of the end of his sentence.

According to the details of the judgment, the defendant committed the act in February last year at the intersection of Beirut Street in Dubai.

He was allegedly driving the vehicle under the influence of psychotropic substances with scant regard to the rules.

He is also alleged to have paid little attention to the traffic light and the movement of vehicles on the road, and did not adhere to his correct route. This resulted in a collision with another vehicle following which a traffic light was hit, causing injuries to two people.


'Abnormal condition'

When the police arrived at the accident site, it was found that the accused was in an “abnormal” condition, and it was suspected that he was under the influence of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

He was referred to the General Department of Criminal Evidence and Criminology to take necessary samples for lab tests. He was referred to the prosecution, interrogated and held in pretrial detention pending investigation.

All necessary legal and judicial investigations and procedures were completed, with technical reports attached, all of which proved the illegal presence of psychotropic substances.

The accused driver was referred to the traffic court according to a referral order that included demands to tighten the imposition of legally prescribed penalties on charges of: Taking narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, driving a vehicle under the influence of narcotic substances and psychotropic substances, accidentally harming the safety of a human body, and destroying property owned by others.

The reasons for the ruling stated that the charges against the accused were based on the accused’s confession of the accusation against him before both Public Prosecution and the court and what was proven through the attached technical reports.