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Emirates Golf Federation launches new handicap software

The United States Golf Association Golf Handicap & Network System is now in use

Akram Skaik is the Director General of the EGF
Image Credit: Supplied

The Emirates Golf Federation (EGF) has launched a new handicap software that will provide members with an updated platform to measure their ability to compete on an equitable basis.

The United States Golf Association Golf Handicap & Network System (USGA GHIN) is now in use across the UAE, offering the country’s golfers one of the largest handicap management networks offered by the USGA to golf associations and federations across the world.

GHIN will also link EGF members to more than two million golfers and 15,000 golf clubs.

In addition to the kiosks at all UAE golf clubs, the GHIN app offers stat tracking, GPS, and other innovative features that will drive engagement and bring a more accurate handicap for golfers in the UAE.

“As the governing body of golf in the UAE it is our duty to provide golfers with the World Handicap System,” said Akram Skaik, Director General of the EGF.


“By adapting the USGA GHIN software, the EGF, UAE golf clubs and members will have a platform that works together in a modern way.

“This new handicap software will also assist the UAE golf industry but providing solutions for policing members, tournament administration and data collection. With GHIN we are more connected to our membership and the UAE golf clubs.

We would like to thank the hard work from the club administrators for the quick transition and we look forward to this new era of golf in the UAE”.