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Unearth history: Explore 3,000-year-old site at Hili Archaeological Park Open Day

Join archaeologists at Hili 14 in Al Ain! Guided tours, excavations and amazing artifacts

During the Open Day, guided tours will take place every 30 minutes.
Image Credit: Supplied

Always wanted to time travel? Be an archaeologist? Here’s your opportunity - immerse yourself in the UAE's past at Hili Archaeological Park’s Open Day! This exclusive event on Tuesday, February 20, grants you access to the Hili 14 site, a 3,000-year-old Iron Age village in Al Ain.

Uncover secrets with guided tours

During the Open Day, guided tours will take place every 30 minutes, from 8.30am – 12pm. During the tour you can explore the live excavation site, meet and greet archaeologists leading the dig and witness a treasure trove of artifacts: storage jars, decorated pottery, bronze arrowheads, and more.

What is the Hili 14 site?

The Hili 14 Iron Age civilisation brought about extraordinary advances - these include the domestication of the camel, which led to the expansion of trade routes, as well as the development of the falaj irrigation system, and ingenious underground tunnels that brought both water and prosperity to the land.

To register, you can reach out to Abu Dhabi DCT on 02 444 0444.