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Business Markets

Upbeat UAE business confidence has employees thinking of higher 2024 bonuses: Zurich International Life poll

New poll suggests high levels of confidence that employers will be more generous

Based on market feedback, job creation in the UAE has had a brisk start to 2024. Across key sectors, there has been progress for existing staff on their career and wages.
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Dubai: A sizeable number of the UAE’s employed are fancying their chances of a bonus in 2024, going by a new survey.

Emiratis in the workforce have the highest confidence that bonuses are coming at the end of the year (with 78 per cent thinking along these lines in the survey), and closely followed by Arab and Asian expats, with 65 per cent each.

But the confidence drops among Western expats, with 54 per cent reckoning they are up for the bonus from employers. And while 32 per cent expected a bonus of up to Dh20,000 in 2023, this year, 77 per cent feel they could be in line to receive up to Dh25,000.

These are as per a survey commissioned by Zurich International Life (in tandem with YouGov). The poll was done in January and featured feedback from 1,000 UAE residents.

Business sentiments in the UAE have been on an upswing through 2023, and was such that even the latest geopolitical tensions did not leave much of a dent. According to PMI data, business orders have been on the rise and these have come at a time when inflation pressures remain subdued. “(Even with the Red Sea crisis flaring, any price rise felt at the consumer level has been restrained.


These are feeding into consumer confidence, at a time when the local job market and its opportunities are still buzzing.

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