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WebEngage deepens data science and AI capabilities with an acquihire

Builds skin in the-game consulting for retention marketing

Left to Right: Abhijat Shukla, Ankit Utreja, Ankur Gattani, Avlesh Singh
Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: WebEngage, a full stack Retention Operating System, announced a significant bolstering of its data science and AI practice with the acqui-hiring of talented Data Scientists from, the company said in a media release.

This strategic move is aimed at leveraging the billions of data points in the WebEngage CDP to enable clients with comprehensive best-in-class verticalized analytics and AI-driven solutions as Predictive Segmentation, Recommendations and persona building, it added.

WebEngage is intensifying its focus on demonstrating deeper value delivery and ROI from the engagement via a data-enabled Retention Consulting practice. Despite billions of data points and powerful engagement capabilities, the adoption of the platform has room to grow substantially. Unlike acquisition-first advertising platforms like Google and Facebook which have matured over the last couple of decades, the retention and user engagement space is still relatively new and talent supply in the ecosystem is in nascent stages.

"Unlike productivity SaaS, WebEngage is uniquely placed to make a 20-40% impact on a customer’s revenue and profit metrics. Marketers across the world use ~ 20% of their retention tech stacks, limiting the ROI and impact they draw from it. We saw a clear need to deepen our advisory interventions to help move the needle for them. The exceptional team of Data Scientists will now supercharge how we leverage our customers’ data to deliver value. We’re calling this skin-in-the-game consulting because we only win if our customers win," said Avlesh Singh, Co-founder & CEO, WebEngage.

Abhijat Shukla, the 20-year veteran Data professional and the founder of Propellor says, “I’m excited to find such a vast playground to deploy all the skills and lessons with me and my team on delivering deep insights in easily consumable ways that can enable effective decision making. Data-hungry customers are in for a treat.”


Karthik Reddy, Managing Partner at Blume Ventures, an investor with WebEngage says, "WebEngage has a tradition of accelerating product sophistication, driven by their customers' needs. As an investor, we are proud to see this enhanced approach to a data and advisory practice. This can be orbit-shifting in terms of utilization of data for even better retention for the client's customers. Propellor now means an even more impactful WebEngage inside more global consumer marketing teams.”

The acquisition of this seasoned team of Data Scientists underscores WebEngage's dedication to staying at the forefront of MarTech innovation. Alongside a series of product innovations, the layer of service model innovation is expected to be a game changer in how marketers and business leaders perceive martech solutions - becoming revenue drivers instead of cost centres. The erstwhile customer success manager role at WebEngage is morphing into an analytics-first growth consultant who can interpret funnels and cohorts and talk the language of RoAS and Control Group uplifts.

As WebEngage deepens its data and consulting practice, clients can expect substantially enhanced quality of insights and see the compounded effect of new campaigns across channels delivering ROI and contribution to revenue.

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