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Social app UBQT launches Dunbar Number challenge

The challenge focuses on reconnecting you with your tribe of 150, in real life

Lara Varjabedian and Jonathan L. Hasson
Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: UBQT, the groundbreaking social app, has announced the launch of the Dunbar Number challenge to encourage people to connect with their tribe, the company said in a media release.

Launched by Jonathan L. Hasson and Lara Varjabedian, serial entrepreneurs based in Dubai, UBQT helps people reconnect and brings back the “social” aspect in the current social media landscape.

According to the company, the UBQT app users can get notified about who is in town, planning to visit soon or travelling in the same city, schedule directly in the app, sync calendars and cut the noise of other social media platforms.

Robin Dunbar is a renowned Oxford University evolutionary psychologist professor best known for his ‘Dunbar’s number’, which he defined as the number of stable relationships people are cognitively able to maintain at one time. The typical Dunbar’s number is 150. What UBQT is trying to do with the challenge is to free people from other social media networks and the addictions to likes, followers and scrolling, by focusing on reconnecting you with your tribe of 150, in real life, the company says.

"Friendships have a bigger effect on our mental and physical health and wellbeing than anything else. In a world where we are all moving constantly between countries, it has become more necessary than ever to be able to keep in contact with our ‘tribe’ of special friends so that we can meet up with them when our paths happen to cross" said Robin Dunbar.


According to the release, UBQT's mission to reconnect people started with a real-life story. It began when Jonathan and Lara, who had lost touch with each other reconnected randomly and decided never to lose touch with a friend again. People are more and more busy with less time for social interactions, and current social media encourage virtual connections rather than in-person, they observed.

Unlike other platforms, UBQT has one main goal and limits other possibilities, say the promoters. With UBQT people do not get the feeling of being overwhelmed by too many requests. The approach is qualitative where users can select who they open their profile to and time-efficient as they can quickly organize a coffee, lunch or dinner with former classmates, friends or acquaintances in any country they visit.

One of the unique aspects of UBQT is that it brings together both your personal and professional network seamlessly, but with your privacy in mind - no map, only notifies categories of people you want, the company says.