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ServiceMarket and Smiles have a new offer for you

Book on ServiceMarket and earn Smiles points which you can spend on the Smiles app

ServiceMarket is an online home services marketplace where UAE residents can book movers and packers, cleaners, handymen, and beauty services at home, among many other services
Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: ServiceMarket, the UAE’s leading digital marketplace for home services, announced its integration of Smiles Points as a Loyalty Scheme and Payment method on its app. ServiceMarket customers can now earn Smiles Points on every booking they make on the app and use Smiles Points to pay for their services, the company said.

Taking their partnership to the next level, now, ServiceMarket users can earn Smiles Points on any booking within the ServiceMarket app and use Smiles points to pay for their services. Whether you are hiring cleaners or getting beauty services at home, each dirham you spend on ServiceMarket will guarantee you points on the Smiles app!

In 2023, e& acquired ServiceMarket, and over the past year together both have reshaped the digital landscape of the home services industry in the UAE. Shortly after the acquisition, ServiceMarket integrated its services into e&’s Smiles super app such that Smiles users could easily book home services like cleaning, home maintenance, and more, on the Smiles app, powered by ServiceMarket's technology. Offering several offers and discounts to their users, Smiles and ServiceMarket ensure their customers get the maximum benefit when booking any service online.

What is the ServiceMarket app?

ServiceMarket is an online home services marketplace, under the e& group, where UAE residents can book movers and packers, cleaners, handymen, beauty services at home, healthcare services at home, and much more, making their everyday lives easier.


What Is the Smiles App?

Launched in 2017 by Etisalat, the Smiles app is now a Super App catering to every digital need for UAE residents. You can get offers on anything and everything ranging from Dining, Groceries, Food Delivery, Movies, Shopping, and more. Since 2023, with the integration of ServiceMarket, the Smiles app offers Home Services as well powered by ServiceMarket.

What are Smiles Points?

Users of the Smiles app can earn Smiles Points on any purchase they make on the app and use Smiles points to pay for the services as well. These points accumulate with every booking on the Smiles app. This loyalty scheme is not only limited to the Smiles app. Now, with every booking on ServiceMarket you can earn Smiles points as well and even spend them on your ServiceMarket bookings.

What ServiceMarket services can you get Smiles Points on?


● Cleaning: From regular maid services to deep cleaning sessions, maintaining a pristine living environment is effortless with ServiceMarket's array of cleaning services.

● Handyman and Maintenance: Addressing home maintenance tasks is simplified with ServiceMarket's selection of skilled handymen and maintenance professionals.

● Beauty at Home: Pamper yourself without leaving the comfort of your home by booking beauty services through ServiceMarket. Whether it's a rejuvenating spa treatment or a gel mani-pedi, users can indulge in self-care rituals while accruing Smiles points with each booking.

● Moving and Storage: Whether you're relocating to a new home or simply need temporary storage solutions, ServiceMarket's network of reputable movers and storage companies ensures a hassle-free move.

● Healthcare at Home: Accessing healthcare services like home nursing care or doctor on call has never been easier, thanks to ServiceMarket.


● Pest Control: Combatting pests is a breeze with ServiceMarket's professional pest control services.

● Laundry and Dry Cleaning: Say goodbye to laundry woes with ServiceMarket's convenient laundry and dry-cleaning services.

The collaboration between ServiceMarket and the Smiles app not only streamlines the process of accessing home services but also provides the user the opportunity to get discounts on other services like food delivery, groceries, dine-in, and much more through Smiles points. Now every transaction you make will be a rewarding experience. Embrace the future of home services with ServiceMarket and the e& Smiles app, where convenience meets rewards at every turn.

This integration between ServiceMarket and the e& Smiles super app marks a significant milestone in enhancing the home service experience for users in the UAE. By incentivizing bookings through Smiles points, users now don’t have to give a second thought over simple decisions like hiring a cleaning or moving professional. Now users can make the most of their home services transactions while enjoying a hassle-free rewarding journey.