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ONPASSIVE reveals AI-powered products at GITEX Global

ONPASSIVE has developed several AI-powered products to streamline business operations

ONPASSIVE team is available at Hall 9; stand H9-C10
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ONPASSIVE Technologies, a prominent global IT company, proudly announces its inaugural participation in GITEX Global, the world's largest technology event, held in Dubai. ONPASSIVE is enthusiastic about engaging with industry leaders and technology enthusiasts to exchange ideas and explore the latest trends. The company is eager to foster collaborations that can push the boundaries of AI and technology, making GITEX a vital platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and innovation. ONPASSIVE is excited to become a part of the thriving GITEX community and contribute to the event's dynamic atmosphere. We invite you all to Visit Hall 9; stand H9-C10 to have a look at the Future of the Internet.

Commenting on that spectacular event, Mohammad Kamal, CEO of ONPASSIVE, expressed his happiness about participating in GITEX saying, “We are looking forward to exceptional and distinguished participation in this year's GITEX exhibition by showcasing our technological products. We aim to impress the audience and visitors, including government and private entities, as well as all technology enthusiasts and decision-makers, with unparalleled quality products”.

Mohammad Nazzal, Chief Marketing Officer at ONPASSIVE, added, “We seek through our cutting-edge technologies and products to enhance and facilitate operations for small, medium, and large enterprises, develop marketing tools, manage customer relationships in field of automation, digital transformation, communication channels, business process management, business infrastructure tools, all supported by the latest advancements in technology and artificial intelligence”.

ONPASSIVE with AI-powered products

ONPASSIVE Technologies is leveraging AI to drive innovation, automation, and efficiency in various industries. AI impacts healthcare, education, and urban planning in societies, enhancing our quality of life. Moreover, AI is a pivotal player in geopolitics, influencing national strategies. Keeping in mind the importance of AI, ONPASSIVE has developed several AI-powered products to streamline business operations for many enterprises.


This is a new digital platform, and on this unique platform, users can register for access and digital solutions subscriptions through the SaaS business model. The primary mission of this tech ecosystem is to provide a wide range of AI products and solutions to transform global digital enterprises. The centralized ecosystem is designed to give users easy access to a diverse suite of intelligent solutions, which include free and premium products upon successful sign-up.



OCONNECT is a cutting-edge web conferencing platform for small and large enterprises. OCONNECT facilitates seamless video conferencing and has various unique features that may benefit both individuals and enterprises. OCONNECT's instant sharing capabilities enable flawless virtual collaboration across the globe. OCONNECT is available on Google Play and App Store.


OTRACKER is a groundbreaking web analytics tool that is designed to revolutionize how businesses harness data. OTRACKER utilizes advanced AI technology to provide comprehensive analytics and actionable insights. Understanding website performance and user behavior is essential for organizations to remain competitive in today's digital environment.

Upcoming ONPASSIVE Products


ONPASSIVE has created OVERIFY, a trusted identity platform that is useful to all kinds of businesses. Its data retention policies meet privacy regulations. It has impressive deep neural network-based models for facial detection. It also comprises the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technique that gives 99% accuracy.


OPAL is an AI-driven communication tool businesses must utilize for better team collaboration. Users can easily share files with their contacts and have open discussions through its amazing features. It is a valuable tool for business communication that helps streamline and organize all processes with its unique features.


ODESK is an innovative AI-powered CRM solution by ONPASSIVE, designed to revolutionize your business operations and unlock your organization's true potential. With a range of powerful features, ODESK streamlines essential tasks and enhances productivity across various areas.


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