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European blockchain training app MasterZ launches Dubai Edition at Hult International Business School

Talents will be able to create, manage and undertake blockchain-based projects

Image Credit: Supplied

After having mastered the Italian/European market, MasterZ will enter the UAE market by giving hundreds of Hult students full-merit scholarships. With thousands of selected talents currently in its ecosystem MasterZ will launch its 1° Dubai-India-Europe Edition in September 2022, offering full-merit scholarships to the best GenZ talents.

Blockchain is the new technological wave and therefore incurs several problems that difficult its worldwide adoption. Even though it is expected to boost global GDP to $422 billion according to PwC, the market has been left behind since there are not enough necessary skills to keep up with its demand, opening a door to MasterZ as a solution.

After years of presence in the blockchain sector MasterZ,, was created to being a skills accelerator that selects the best talents from Generation Z and top young and senior professionals and provides them with the necessary skills required by the market being blockchain the number one hard skill according to LinkedIn. Talents will be able to create, manage and undertake blockchain-based projects, increasing the global adoption of blockchain technology and tackling the current problems in the blockchain sector.

MasterZ is the joining link between current resources and the future worldwide blockchain adoption, currently having trained 2,500+ talents, MasterZ positions itself as a market disruptor and blockchain problem-solver, working alongside the top players in the sector, like Crédit Agricole, the 6th largest bank in the world, Algorand Foundation, The Sandbox, Celo.

By being in an ever growing blockchain ecosystem MasterZ has the opportunity to enhance blockchain adoption and provide talents with the skills to successfully insert themselves in this next technological wave, which has impacted every corner of the globe and every sector in the market.


Starting with the UAE, Alecos Colombo, CEO of MasterZ says, “Launching MasterZ Dubai Edition and attract the best talents from Hult International Business School, ranked top 15th worldwide, is an added value for all our network within MasterZ App”

MasterZ is setting up roots in the international markets, beginning with the presentation and offering of hundreds of full-merit scholarships in the top 15th business school for its MBA program and 31st top business school in the overall world ranking according to The Economist, in the Dubai campus of Hult International Business School on June 17th during their elective Introduction To Bitcoin And Blockchain Technologies. Being Hult a worldwide renowned business school, MasterZ adheres to its mission of selecting the best GenZ talents and top young and senior professionals, providing the most current know-how and therefore increasing the worldwide adoption of blockchain technology.