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Dubai based iCademy launches summer credit ‘recovery’ program for students

Two month program from iCademy helps students catch up on their grades

The iCademy program starts June and runs through July as well. It is open for students from Grade 9-12. (Pic for illustrative purposes only)
Image Credit: Facebook/iCademy

Dubai: The iCademy Middle East is running a ‘summer credit recovery program’ that would allow students from Grades 9-12 to earn up to two course credits by studying online. The courses run from June through July.

"Students are getting a rigorous education,” said Saria Hayek, Admissions Manager at iCademy Middle East in Dubai. “And, best of all, students can transfer the earned credits onto their existing transcript at their current school.”

The program is designed to help students catch up on credits they may have missed during the regular school year, or to get ahead in their studies.

Students can complete one full semester of a course over 21 school days. The Head of School, Diane Claver, said: “The program is paced so that students can complete one full semester of a course over 21 school days. This is a wonderful way for students who may have failed a course to make sure they are still on track to graduate on time. As long as students are working about four hours per day, per course, they have flexibility during each day to learn at their own pace.”