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Arooha Travel & Tours expands Indian footprint with new corporate office in Calicut

New corporate office in India marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey

Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Arooha Tours, a reputable travel agency, has opened its new corporate office in Calicut, India, the company said in a media release. Established in 2009 in India, Arooha continued its expansion and in 2012 it opened offices in Dubai. Today, Arooha Travel & Tours has 5 physical travel offices in UAE and 12 across India solidifying its reputation as a travel partner.

The opening of the corporate office in India marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey. “We are thrilled to inaugurate our new corporate office in Calicut,” said Rashid Abbas, Managing Director of Arooha Travel & Tours. “This expansion is a testament to our ongoing dedication to strengthening our presence in India and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our services. Our goal is to provide comprehensive travel solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our clients,” he added.

According to the company, Arooha Tours has established its reputation over the years, in the delivery of a wide array of services which include travel visas, holiday packages, flight tickets, tours, transfers, hotel bookings, and travel insurance.

The new corporate office will enhance and streamline the delivery of these services across the region, it adds. It will help in the centralized management and coordination of Arooha Travel & Tours’ operations in India. The centralized office will enhance the coordination of the activities carried out in all 12 Indian offices and ensure their operations are in harmony to deliver high-quality services. Arooha Tours through this office aims to consolidate management functions which will reduce redundancies thus improving communication across all offices.

According to them, the new office will also facilitate training and development for Arooha’s staff. Arooha Tours recognizes to achieve high-quality service delivered to customer satisfaction you need well-trained staff. There will be regular workshops and training to keep all staff up to date with the latest industry knowledge and skills at the Calicut office


The opening of the Arooha Tours Calicut corporate office in India is also a step in the long-run expansion plan of the company. The expansion aim and target of the company is to have more offices in India, UAE and beyond, the company says. The team at the new office will continue monitoring new market opportunities, strategizing and expanding to meet the needs of all the travelers. The expansion efforts aim to position Arooha Tours for sustainable growth and innovation in the competitive market, it said.