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Business Analysis


Dubai’s new property listing rules offer brokers a chance to up their game

Removal of multiple or fake property listings will ramp up professionalism

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It’s nothing short of a pivotal transformation for the Dubai real estate landscape after the recent changes to the issuing of property advertising permits. These modifications are set to recalibrate the dynamics for brokers, property sellers, developers, and the Dubai real estate market as a whole.

Real estate brokers

The new Dubai’s RERA rules stipulate that a single property can only be advertised by a maximum of three brokers, a move that promises to cultivate a fair competitive environment. This not only levels the playing field for professional brokers, but reduces the clutter of repeated listings on portals, allowing for more targeted advertising.

With the cap on advertisements per property, brokers can now better interpret market trends—a crucial component vital to strategic planning and decision-making. These include the direction of advertised prices, the absorption rate (indicating market velocity), and the duration properties spend on the market from their initial ad listing dates.

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What was once a realm open to any agent has evolved into a domain reserved for seasoned professionals. No longer can just any agent advertise a property for sale or rent without navigating the intricate web of regulations set forth by RERA.


Chance for broker firms to ‘upgrade’

This shift not only weeds out less experienced agents but necessitates significant investments by ‘professional’ real estate companies in training their personnel. New agents must now be equipped with the knowledge and tools essential for adeptly engaging with property sellers and landlords in a professional manner.

The visibility of brokerage companies will now be more apparent, highlighting the facets of reputation and reliability in the industry.

In a market that is increasingly meritocratic, the new changes could sideline those who are not as equipped to adapt, leading to a potential shakeout in the industry. With fewer listings to compete against, each marketing effort stands a better chance of capturing potential clients' attention. Moreover, there’s a reduction in administrative tasks for companies, as there's less requirement to provide extensive documentation to real estate portals, streamlining operations.

Sellers and real estate developers

Both groups stand to benefit greatly from the new rules regime. The reduction of non-genuine listings ensures only available properties are actively competing in the market. This leads to a more transparent marketplace where advertised prices will reflect true market values, allowing sellers to better assess the worth of their properties.

There’s an added layer of confidentiality for personal details as well. The previous requirement for real estate companies to share sensitive information with portals is mitigated, enhancing privacy and data protection for sellers and landlords.


What it means for overall Dubai property market

These permit changes are poised to cast the Dubai real estate market in a more transparent light, bolstering its reputation among local and international stakeholders. The streamlined process is expected to expedite decision-making for tenants and buyers, with a more accurate representation of property availability and pricing.

The anticipated outcome is a market that operates with increased efficiency, transparency and integrity. Buyers and sellers will navigate a marketplace more reflective of actual supply and demand, free from the confusion of ‘phantom’ listings.

In essence, the new permit regulations by RERA ultimately benefit everyone involved — from brokers to clients. The stage is set for a more mature, responsible, and client-oriented marketplace, ready to meet the demands of a discerning global audience.

Firas Al Msaddi
The writer is CEO of fam Properties.