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Social media debate

Social media users were divided about what they think of millennials. Some posted witty comments about older generations stereotyping younger ones and others suggested it’s time to give millennials a break.

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Millennials are so spoilt with their smartphones & tablets. All we had at their age was the ability to buy property in Central London.


I hate the argument that millennials are spoilt because “they don’t know war”. Like really?! Have you checked the news lately?!


The bosses just held staff annual feedback session.

I mostly kept quiet because I once heard the big boss complain how “you millennials are too spoilt and don’t work hard and just want to complain”, so I don’t have too much faith my feedback would have any effect.


Rush Limbaugh

The Pew Research Center had a survey or some kind of report about a study of millennials and how millennials more than any other group tend to be interested in and fascinated by socialism. But then when you got down to it — when you got deep down digging into the data — it was predominantly millennial women driving the numbers.

The Telegraph

Is it time to give millennials a break?