Here is the mid-week price analysis for groceries and other supermarket items. Image Credit: Stock image

Dubai: We are halfway into the week and so far only minor changes were seen in the costs of most grocery items, including the price of fruits, vegetables, most meats, poultry and seafood, and the trend will remain for the rest of the week as well.

Although the cost of a couple of fish varieties – like Salmon and Seabream had spiked during the end of the prior weekend, on Saturday, the good news is the prices have stayed in check ever since. A similar stabilizing trend was seen for the price of a kilo of shrimp too. So, if craving for some seafood mid-week, now is your chance!

During the first half of this week, price of items that were constantly seen fluctuating earlier - like fresh chicken and some types of fish like Hamour - remained largely unchanged.

Although the cost of a couple of fish varieties, the good news is the prices have stayed in check ever since.

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Also, non-vegetarians will be glad to know that the cost of other poultry and red meats stayed the same since last weekend, in contrast to the week before. So plans to cook up a chicken or lamb dish this weekend - while prices stay in check - can definitely be set in motion without having to worry too much about higher costs.

The daily costs of a kilo of every variety of fruits and vegetables in the market has stayed more or less steady, making it ideal to get some shopping done mid-week to avoid the weekend rush!

Vegetables like onions and tomatoes are common staple products whose prices keep fluctuating back and forth during the course of any week. However, it was observed that the start of the week saw minimal price changes in both the items, when compared to last week.

Cost of other poultry and red meats stayed the same since last weekend, in contrast to the week before.

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Here are the key highlights pertaining to price changes that were seen midway through the week

The cost of Salmon fish rose by Dh8.1 from Saturday, but stayed in check ever since. A kilo of the protein-rich fish now starts at Dh43.

When it comes to other fish variants, although they stayed in check through the week so far, the cost of Seabream rose Dh4.1 and a kilo of small-sized Shrimp spiked Dh6 from Saturday. While Seabream now costs Dh37 for a kilo, starting price of shrimp is priced at DhDh37.9.

Craving for some baked salmon? Image Credit: Gulf News archive

Although the price of most grocery items stayed stable, there were minor price fluctuations seen for some fruits and vegetables. A kilo of bananas got slightly pricier, now costing Dh4.8 after rising by Dh1.3 from Saturday, whereas the cost of oranges and apples edged up by 50 fils and 20 fils, respectively.

When it comes to the cost of vegetables, the price of cucumbers inched up by 40 fils from the end of the weekend, to now cost a starting price of Dh4.4. Also, although the price of a kilo of red onions rose marginally (10 fils) from Saturday, and the cost of potato up by half a dirham, the prices have stayed unchanged since. Onions currently start at Dh1.9 and potatoes at Dh2.5.

However, one notable cost increase was observed for a kilo of lettuce, which rose Dh2 from Saturday, even as it has stayed in check since. While the cost of lemons fell between 10 fils to as much as 50 fils a kilo, the price of lime went up by Dh1.7 from Saturday. Lemons now cost between Dh4.5 and Dh5.5 and limes are priced between Dh5.5 and Dh32.9.