Investments in real estate for Portugal's Golden Visa starts from Euro280,000 (Dh1.04 million) Image Credit: Gulf News

Portugal’s Golden Visa programme is the fastest and the most affordable way to gain EU citizenship. Investors and their dependents can obtain Portuguese passport after five years without relocating to Portugal. Access to Schengen nations and Portugal’s high-quality healthcare, education, and business opportunities are the key factors encouraging high-net-worth-individuals (HNWIs) to opt for the Golden Visa scheme. It is the best back-up plan investors can consider for themselves and their family members.

Earlier this month, Portugal's Prime Minister Antonio Costa discussed the possibility of reevaluating the Golden Visa programme, leading people to speculate whether the programme will face future restrictions or even end all together. This comes after several adjustments on real estate investment rules were introduced earlier this year.

Prime Minister’s comments have since ignited even more interest in the Portuguese Golden Visa programme, as investors are trying to buy properties to secure Golden Visa. Since the options for properties eligible for the Golden Visa programme are limited, industry experts are recommending prospective investors to proceed as soon as possible.

Image Credit: Gulf News

In this new and exclusive Gulf News webinar, Portugal Golden Visa: Best investments, processes & procedures, our panel of experts from PTGoldenVisa will discuss all the benefits of the Portuguese programme, while explaining various investment options, as well as the ways to secure Golden Visa.

Currently, investors may choose to invest in real estate or opt for fund investments. Investments in real estate starts from Euro280,000 (Dh1.04 million). PTGoldenVisa offers some of the top available funds eligible for Golden Visa. 

Tiago Camara and David Machado, Founders and Partners, PTGoldenVisa, will talk about everything you need to know about European Union’s most popular residency by investment programme. They will cover the following topics:

• Why should you invest in Portugal?

• Changes, updates and new rules

• Future prospects of this programme

• Investment opportunities and returns

• Investments in residential and commercial units

• Eligibility criteria and application process for Golden Visa and citizenship

David and Tiago will discuss how you can avoid the common mistakes in the application process, and will also take audience questions live during the webinar.

Managed by Portuguese nationals, PTGoldenVisa is one of the largest investment migration companies focusing solely on the Portuguese Golden Visa programme.

Mark your calendar now for Sunday, November 27, for 11am, and register here to learn more about the variety of investment opportunities that Portugal has to offer.