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Much like the UAE, Dell Technologies’ story has evolved significantly in the past four to five decades. What started off as a computer company founded in a University of Texas dorm room has now become a global leader in the technology industry. This has come about through ambitious innovation and a vision for a better world. On the occasion of the golden jubilee of the UAE, Reach by Gulf News sat with Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President – Middle East, Russia, Africa and Turkey (MERAT) of Dell Technologies, to talk about the evolution of the country’s ICT sector and the company’s future plans.

Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President – Middle East, Russia, Africa and Turkey (MERAT) of Dell Technologies Image Credit: Supplied

How would you compare the digital landscape of the UAE to 25 years ago? Has it been a gradual change or one that has come about rapidly in the past few years?

The UAE has succeeded in transforming itself over the past two decades into a global economic and technology hub. Its digital transformation journey began with setting important ICT strategies, infrastructure and smart initiatives in place, which gradually enabled the country to be at the forefront of progress and innovation. In recent years, it has placed great emphasis on the growth of the digital economy with the expected roll-out of even more advanced technologies. From gradual to then exponential change, the UAE government has been an inspiration to the world in the steps it took to create a technology ecosystem that aims to foster innovation in all fields.

How did the global pandemic affect Dell Technologies’ operations?

Both globally and in the UAE, the pandemic has brought technology to the forefront of every sector, with organisations embracing digital transformation at a faster pace than before. From enabling remote work, to enhancing infrastructure or cybersecurity measures, there was an increased demand for technology during this time, as it has been vital in helping businesses tackle challenges and maintain business continuity. Our broad portfolio of businesses and our diverse capabilities, including our flexible remote work programme and global supply chain enabled us to work through the crisis and deliver differentiated results. More importantly, our strong commitment to our customers and partners has aided us in constantly exploring routes to help them become digital enterprises of the future.

What role do you see technology playing in the UAE in the next 50 years?

Simply put, I see technology contributing to the GDP growth of the UAE. The digital revolution will open up broad spaces for new services as well as consumption in a variety of industries. As the world continues to upgrade to smart and digital infrastructure, it will prompt new models of business and services, subsequently acting as a driver of economic momentum. Powerful technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, 5G, storage and cloud will usher new and competitive risks and opportunities, with unlimited possibilities.

How is Dell addressing issues of sustainable development and production?

Sustainability is at the core of Dell Technologies’ business and our commitment will help us to actively generate positive, biocentric outcomes for our team members, customers, partners and the global community. The circular economy is an important part of the push towards sustainable development and production – where sustainability is considered at every stage of a product’s lifecycle – from the initial concept to its use and eventual recycling. Dell Technologies is committing to the circular economy by ensuring this is the case for everything we make.

Being an established brand for both consumers and businesses, what is next for Dell Technologies?

We stand on the brink of a new decade, and emerging technologies are reshaping our lives and entire industries as we move towards 2030. At Dell Technologies, we will continue to realise the true potential of our relationship with technology to drive human progress, whether that’s in the future of work, the economy or connected living.

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