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The UAE’s most convenient car rental app, eZhire has come up with some exciting new updates. The app has now made it even easier to pick up a vehicle on a short- or long-term leasing basis. Yes, it now offers long-term rental options too.

In a very short span of time, eZhire has grown into a popular car rental company due to its cost-effectiveness and credibility. Let’s have a quick rundown on all the new updates from the car rental app.

1. Long- term leasing

The company has introduced a discounted long-term car rental option, providing attractive rates for monthly rentals on a sliding scale: 1-2 months, 3-5 months, and 6-8 months.

What’s even more exciting is that the longer you rent, the more you save. The more months the customer books a car, the greater the discount.

Hasan Jan Saduzai, co-founder and CEO of eZhire says that many public transport commuters would prefer having a car, if they could do so without committing to a purchase.

Renting a car is the best option to make your life easier and save your money rather than paying high fares for taxi or daily short rental packages,” says Saduzai.

With eZhire’s long-term option, if a customer books a car for three months, the monthly rate will be cheaper compared to the rate for a single month’s booking.

2. Greater mileage selection

There’s now greater flexibility in mileage selection, says Farhan Ali, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of eZhire.

Responding to customer feedback, the company has introduced the option of selecting either 2,500km or 5,000km when generating their booking.

“Customers can choose the mileage as per their usage and get the discounted prices, which are much lower than the UAE market price,” says Ali.

3. Nationwide coverage

The car rental company now operates across the UAE. Customers can book cars from any city in the Emirates, as eZhire has multiple pickup locations all over the country. For extra convenience, it also provides the option of having the car delivered to your door. “They can rent the car area-wise, anywhere and anytime,” says Saduzai.

4. Increased fleet size

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The range of vehicles on offer has also expanded. Listening to customer requests, the app has recruited more vehicle providers into its network.

“We have increased our fleet, by increasing the number of vendors who provide vehicles to fulfil customers’ needs,” explains Saduzai.

By seamlessly connecting renters to those car rental companies through its mobile app, eZhire can now offer an even wider range of cars from three-door hatchbacks to large SUVs, throughout the UAE.

5. New partnerships

The app is steadily working to build its partner network and attract corporate companies across the UAE to join. “We offer our partners access to a wide range of clients looking to rent cars with convenience and deliver a unique ease-of-hiring experience,” says Ali. “We believe in working together to make great changes in the car rental industry by providing ease and convenience through its quick and hassle-free mobile application.”

6. Available on Huawei AppGallery

As part of its plan to increase reach among a variety of mobile users, the developers have created a version of the app for Huawei owners and it is now available for download on the Huawei AppGallery.

The app is still available to Apple and Android users via the Apple store and Google Play respectively, which lets them rent a car without a deposit, simply by adding a credit card, choosing their car, and waiting for it to be delivered straight to their door.

7. Promo code offer for new users

EZhire recognises the value in building its customer base, and for that reason it is trying to attract new renters into the fold.

For new users, eZhire has introduced the promo code FYJ16159, which offers Dh25 discount on the first booking.

Plenty of offers and discounts are also available for existing customers.

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8. 24X7 availability

Many commercial services are not available on Fridays and public holidays, but not eZhire. Co-founders Saduzai and Ali wanted to make sure their app lived up to its promise of offering customers the freedom to go anywhere, anytime. So its services are available 24X7 all over the UAE. Residents and tourists alike can book and pay for their rental vehicle any time at all and have it speedily delivered to their door.

9. Expanded geographic coverage

One of the first goals of eZhire on launch was to broaden its reach beyond the UAE. True to their word, the people behind eZhire have expanded into the region and the car rental app is now live in Oman and Pakistan.

Furthermore, plans to launch in Saudi Arabia are well advanced too.

“As Saudi Arabia is a big market in the Gulf, eZhire is eager to launch its services there,” says Saduzai.

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