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To address the demand for high-quality furniture, Hive Furniture Show, the region’s first dedicated event focusing on big-box retailers and wholesale traders, returns for its second edition at Expo Centre Sharjah from June 13-16. Organised by industry experts, it aims to be the go-to platform for those seeking tangible business opportunities in all things furniture-related.

The UAE has one of the biggest furniture markets in the region, relying heavily on domestic consumption. Over the past few years, it has seen an increase in furniture imports from regional countries, with the majority coming from Turkey, China, Italy and Malaysia among others.

Last year’s event proved to be a monumental success, so here are five reasons why anyone on the lookout for premium furniture or is in the furniture business should make their way to the 2022 Hive Furniture Show.

It’s in the name

A natural hive is not only a beautiful structure but it also benefits all those who build it and produces real, delicious honey. Similarly, Hive Furniture Show isn’t simply a platform — it is a way for the industry and its players to participate in a refreshing experience that generates real, meaningful growth for all those who attend.

Organised by industry experts

The founders of Hive Furniture Show, Gautam Mulani and Manish Bhatia, have a combined experience of 30 years in the furniture industry, progressing and solidifying a well-established position within the retail furniture trade. They have built personal relationships with all the region’s big-box retailers and enjoy access to a host of regional interior designers, architects and B2B traders.

Building on a foundation of success

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The 2021 Hive Furniture Show witnessed the participation of more than 50 global exhibitors and encouraged its organisers to expand their ambitions for this year’s show. The 2022 Hive Furniture Show will host more than 100 global exhibitors showcasing their furniture portfolios, covering every room, whether in a home or workplace.

A diligent methodology rooted in experience

In an industry that sees countless shows, expos and events, Hive Furniture Show adopts a meticulous process broken down into three phases that empower its business and attract retailers and investors: Curation, where the team visits each potential exhibitor and assesses them for capabilities, goals, deliverability and more. Second is the communication phase, during which highly targeted market insights and thorough research of potential visitors and their interests take place to identify the right audience. The final phase, swwimplementation ensures a smooth, safe, outcome-driven platform in an environment that encourages networking and promotes business opportunities.

Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity

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The purpose of Hive Furniture Show is to provide a strong trading platform for exhibitors and buyers to connect, exchange ideas, and create new business opportunities. Participating companies and individuals have the opportunity to be visible to international buyers who don’t travel often; network with best-in-class designers, retailers and wholesalers; impress focused buyers with great demand and budget; and capitalise on the increase in business expansion and home-improvement spending.

From sourcing to emerging trends, collaborations to game-breaking inventions, the 2022 Hive Furniture Show will provide a curated experience that will bring together the brightest and best people in the industry under one roof.

Access to the show is free for trade visitors.

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