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Back to school means back to packing healthy and nutritious lunchboxes that can keep your child going for a whole day. Many parents have got packing lunch down to a fine art, but what should you provide as a drink?

Organic milk has grown more popular in recent years, and many parents see it as the caring choice for their children. Here are four reasons why organic milk is a great addition to your child’s lunchbox.

Natural nutrition

Schoolchildren need energy and nutrition. Simple as that. Milk contains nutrients such as calcium and protein, which are necessary for children’s normal growth and bone development. When you choose organic milk from Europe, you know that the milk is produced naturally. It’s free from artificial preservatives, colourants or flavours and produced without pesticides with care for nature.

Happy cows

Organic milk from Europe is milk from happy cows to happy kids. Because in Europe, organic cows have more room and get exercise every day – for six months of the year they roam freely on meadows and eat grass and clover. Therefore, many people choose organic milk due to a higher animal welfare. The idea is simple. When you treat cows well, you get milk that’s full of pure goodness for your family.

Add a little love to the lunchbox

Organic milk is more than a nutritious drink. Because with organic milk from Europe, you can make sure that your child is provided for in the best possible way – ready to handle another eventful day at school.

Organic milk you can trust

Earning an organic certification in Europe means adhering to the highest standards of animal welfare, climate and environment protection, respect for natural cycles as well as preservation of soil fertility and bio-diversity. That’s why millions around the world trust the European organic label for quality and goodness – so can you and your family.

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