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Today’s customers demand exceptional service from businesses at every touchpoint. While a great experience can mean your customers become raving fans, failure to meet expectations can damage brand image and drive your clients to competitors. But as more and more customer interactions now take place through digital channels, businesses must learn to harness the power of technology to deliver an outstanding customer experience. This is where conversational artificial intelligence (AI) is taking a leading role.

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Conversational AI is now being used to drive highly individualised experiences where the customer always feels valued. The technology analyses customers’ speech and text patterns to predict emotions and intentions and responds with adaptive, automated scripts at scale. Through these human-like interactions, the best conversational AI and automation platforms deliver highly personalised, positive experiences across multiple channels with greater efficiency taking into account the context, customers’ sentiments and intent.

Currently, there is a wide variety of conversational AI applications being used across all industries. From customer service to marketing to security, these highly advanced programs are helping businesses connect with customers and employees in never-before-seen ways. In fact, conversational AI has become central to many organisations’ digital transformations as the world emerges from the global pandemic.

However, not all conversational AI initiatives are created equal. Results have shown that those with the highest success rate are more strategic in their development and deployment than their rush-to-market peers. By first asking thoughtful questions—like, “What are your goals?” “Are you looking to give more information to your web visitors?” “Are you looking to generate leads?”—organisations can tailor the technology to their needs rather than rely on often frustrating “plug-and-play” chatbots, voice assistants and other sub-par solutions.

As the technology continues to advance, new opportunities to leverage conversational AI continue to emerge in industries including home automation, automobiles, marketing, advertising and e-learning. As our exposure to and appetite for interactive technology continues to increase, conversational AI will only play a bigger and more important role in our everyday lives.

This is your chance to learn more about how conversational AI can transform the way you connect with your customers with the Gulf News webinar, How Conversational AI is revolutionising customer service on June 14 from 2pm to 3pm.

In this live webinar, you will see Anil Kumar, Senior Director at Uniphore Software Systems, a leading name in the conversational AI space for 14 years, have a conversation with Awais Ahmad, Head of Technology at Solex Plus KSA, one of the most prominent customer experience and BPO providers in the Middle East.

The panelists will be talking about all the ways that conversational AI can give you the edge over your competitors at scale, including:

• The evolution of conversational AI over the past decade

• How natural language processing, computer vision, tonal detection and machine learning power conversational AI

• The advantages conversational AI offers businesses

• How to hold personalised conversations with customers at scale

• How to boost revenue and bottom-line growth

Explore all of the exciting new business applications of conversational AI and find out how you can truly connect with your customers by joining this exclusive webinar. Register here to join in the discussion, and have all of your questions answered live.