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V27, the latest addition to vivo’s stylish V series, comes with an exclusive Aura Light Portrait System, a high-performance 4nm chip, and a 3D curved screen, making it a well-rounded smartphone at a reasonable price range for young professionals.

“We’re delighted to introduce the new vivo V27 to the Middle East, starting with the UAE,” says Saeed Klaib, Regional Director of Communications and Social Media at vivo Middle East and Brand Manager at vivo Saudi Arabia. “vivo has established a reputation for inventive and class-leading devices in the region, and our V series cements this status. The all-new V27 has arrived with an impressive colour range, professional photography capabilities and improved battery life, making it unlike any other smartphone in such a competitive price range.”

The all-new V27 has arrived with an impressive colour range, professional photography capabilities and improved battery life, making it unlike any other smartphone in such a competitive price range.

- Saeed Klaib, Regional Director of Communications and Social Media at vivo Middle East and Brand Manager at vivo Saudi Arabia

In today's smartphone-focused world, superior function and a dynamic design are essential features for the modern user. While some smartphones may excel in performance, their battery life may not be up to standard. On the other hand, some smartphones boast flawless user experience but lack camera resolution and poor light sensors. “vivo’s V series, and particularly our latest V27, stands out from the pack with its innovative, sleek design and upgraded camera capabilities, all while exceeding the expectations of users with its improved performance,” explains Klaib.

The 8GB+256GB version of V27 is available in the UAE for Dh1,599 while the 12GB+256GB will set you back Dh1,799.

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Aside from young professionals, the series meets the needs of budding photographers and content creators with its vast camera capabilities. No matter the shoot — night photography, portrait photography or videography — vivo’s V series is famed for its flagship imaging. In fact, the new V27 features a rear triple camera system with a 50 MP Ultra Camera specially engineered with algorithms to expand your photographic possibilities.

Created for avid social media users, the V series also enables daily content sharing without time lag or delay. “Whether you’re a vlogger, influencer, food content creator or just a devout social media user ready to share with the world, the V series is designed for you,” says Klaib. “With its substantial RAM size (12GB + 8GB extended RAM), the vivo V27 offers a smooth user experience and the ability to navigate seamlessly between apps. This powerful multitasking capability makes the V27 an ideal smartphone for any occasion.”

A step ahead of its predecessors, V27 has a 50MP Ultra Sensing Camera, 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera, 2MP Super Macro Camera, and 50MP HD Auto Focus Selfie mode, making it a photography champion, especially within the mid-range smartphone segment.

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“Three features in V27 are exclusive to vivo, setting the brand and V27 in a camera class of its own,” adds Klaib. “Firstly, the Aura Light Portrait System. Hailed as the Portrait Master of the V series, this V27 feature is engineered with the flagship Sony IMX766V sensor, ensuring bright, high-resolution photos in even the lowest light. The added Aura Light set up on the back of the camera provides an even and soft lighting effect, allowing the photographer to capture vivid details of the subject’s facial expressions. When used with the series’ Portrait Mode, the Aura Light provides studio-level lighting for portrait shoots. With the V27, you can set up a makeshift studio anywhere, producing studio-level portraits with just a smartphone.”

Klaib points to the Vlog Movie Creator as the second exclusive feature. “Today, everyone, from content creators to proud parents, finds joy in vlogging special moments such as graduations and marriage proposals. This feature, which already exists within the V series, has been upgraded for the V27. Now, users can choose from 24 different vlog templates to suit any mood or occasion. Other edits can also be made within this feature, such as cutting and deleting footage, adding background music, revisiting previous vlog materials, and more.

“Additionally, this feature utilises enhanced software to immediately augment the subject’s skin, creating a more delicate appearance, while brightening tones and focusing the subject. The V27’s video capabilities do not stop at sunset, as two-night video modes — Super Night Video and Hybrid Image Stabilisation (performing 10,000 stabilisation corrections per second — allow users to take clear videos in even the darkest environments.

“Thirdly, Real Time Extreme Night Vision is a feature we’re proud to be able to introduce for our V27.” This feature allows users to take control of the shot with real-time preview. During the preview stage, users can adjust brightness levels, while reducing noise and creating richer colour tones. With the Real Time Extreme Night Vision, even the most inexperienced photographer can take stunningly vibrant and crisp night shots.”

Stunning design

All smartphones belonging to the V series boast exceptional processors and sleek designs, making them lightweight and fashionable. Yet the V27 stands out with its light, slim design, housing a 3D curved 6.78-inch AMOLED 120Hz Ultra Vision Screen that enhances the visual quality and the overall experience. It also supports HDR 10+ content with over a billion colours, allowing users a vibrant display. And for those who favour bold colours, the V27 comes in Magic Blue and Noble Black. The Noble Black edition is only 7.36mm thick and weighs just 180g, making it the thinnest phone with a 3D curved screen in vivo’s ecosystem.

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Another standout of the series is its battery performance, says Klaib. “vivo has long recognised users’ need for better battery life, as improved battery performance equals longer usage. In the latest V27, the battery offers double the lifespan compared to industry standards and charges up to 50 per cent in just 19 minutes. With its innovative proprietary FlashCharge technology, the V27 creates a lightning-fast charge, allowing for 66W of charging power and a peak energy conversion efficiency of up to 97.5 per cent. Meaning Vivo V27 users never miss a family moment or a crucial shot because of a dying battery.”

The latest V27 boasts a brand-new MediaTek Dimensity 7200 chip processor that enables high processing speed, low power consumption and a performance boost compared to its predecessors. Even in heavy-load scenarios, users are guaranteed a smooth experience. Gamers will also be delighted with the series’ Extended RAM Technology that supports hefty gaming apps — decreasing time lags and offering high read-and-write data speeds. What’s more, the series’ Ultra Large Vapor Chamber Bionic Cooling System ensures powerful performance while keeping your smartphone cool and efficient.

“At vivo, we strive to keep our users at the forefront of our R&D efforts ensuring a user-oriented experienced,” explains Klaib. “Everything that’s developed from our cameras to our imaging chips are all based on vivo’s insights and overall review of consumer needs. The planning and product teams analyse research trends and collate user feedback, which are directly shared with the R&D teams.

“Two of V27’s exclusive features, the Aura Light Portrait System and Real-Time Extreme Night Vision, are good examples of how users’ needs and feedback for better portrait and night photography have been communicated and translated into a final product.

“We will continue to innovate and bridge the gap between humans and technology to provide an enriching smartphone experience that is affordable and accessible for all.”