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BIGO Technology (BIGO), a Singapore-based pioneering Internet technology company, is hosting their annual Gala Awards Ceremony. On January 21th 2021, BIGO Technology will be hosting a virtual awards ceremony to award and commemorate their content creators who have been prevalent on their livestreaming platform BIGO Live.

BIGO is one of the region’s most innovative technology companies, whose apps (BIGO Live and Likee) aim to provide its users with an online arena to share their creativity and optimism through livestreams and short videos. The world had come to a standstill this year due to the global pandemic, and many global and national events have either been cancelled or are happening in alternative ways. BIGO, is one such company that is utilizing livestreaming and cutting-edge technology powered by Artificial Intelligence to move an event that would normally take place on-ground, and instead make it happen virtually. Not only does this eliminate the event being cancelled, but it will also be far more accessible and can be viewed by thousands more people across the world.

Alongside the hosts of the event, BIGO’s very own interactive virtual mascot, DINO will be present at the ceremony this year. With his witty humor and commentary, DINO guarantees viewers an evening full of great jokes and belly aching laughs. The event will be taking place from a special studio, that is equipped with innovative technology, and will allow for some extremely rare, state-of-the-art special effects and visual animation to enhance the viewers’ experience of this incredible evening.

This is not the first time that BIGO has hosted such an advanced and ground-breaking event. Over the past few months, thousands of users attended events that have been hosted by BIGO, such as Cloud Clubbing and KIWI Culture Week, to name a few. Cloud Clubbing on its own, which was hosted by BIGO Live in collaboration with Razer, had a viewership of over 270,000 participants. Users expressed how events like these made them feel more connected to an online community, especially when many countries in the world had gone into full or partial lockdown.

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Given the uncertainty of times that we are currently facing, there will likely be a gradual shift from traditional, on-ground events to more events taken place virtually and via livestream channels. There will be a prevalence of technology being used to facilitate events online, which ultimately will become the ‘new normal’. Live-streaming is a cost-effective marketing option, with the potential to reach millions of users across the globe across various social media channels. Although this may take some getting used to, the upside is that it will not only be safer for people to attend these events, but also these events will be able to be accessed and viewed by hundreds of thousands more people than if the event were taking place on-ground.

“We are really excited to be hosting such a unique event that will reach out to thousands of users across the world,” said a spokesperson from BIGO. “Our main aim at BIGO is to connect individuals and communities, so users can celebrate and support each other through good times and when times are hard. This one-of-a-kind virtual event encompasses communication, community and connectivity, while allowing users on BIGO Live to be a part of such a sensational occasion.”

In the days leading up to BIGO’s Awards Gala, the company will facilitate breathtaking activations featuring monumental landmarks from around the world. The very first activation took place in Dubai, UAE where the company teased the upcoming awards gala with an elegant and highly captivating video.

The Awards Gala will be streamed on BIGO Live at 8pm SG Time on 21st January 2021 on their Music Livehouse (BIGO ID: music) to thousands of viewers across the globe. The best part is being able to watch BIGO’s Livestream awards show from the comfort and safety of your own home, with adherence to social distancing and safety standards, of course!

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Whether your companions for the evening are Pizza and your couch, or you chose to watch it with family – it’s definitely going to be a fun night to remember!