In this July 18, 2018, file photo, journalists visit New National Stadium under construction during a media tour to the venues of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Image Credit: AP

Tokyo: Organisers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics say they have picked up another $1 million in domestic sponsorships and that the operating budget for the games remains at $5.6 billion.

The organising committee, announcing its third version of the operating budget, said on Friday “as with the previous version, the OCOG budget remains balanced and fully privately financed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), sponsors, licensing and ticket revenues” and includes the cost of the Paralympic Games.

It said domestic sponsor revenues had increased since its last budget to $3 billion.

The total cost of the Olympics, however, including $7 billion spent by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Japanese government, is $12.6 billion. Tokyo’s winning bid in 2013 projected overall Olympics costs of 829 billion yen ($7.3 billion).