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Roger Duthie (left) with Keith Pelley, CEO of the DP World Tour at the launch of the Outdoor Sport and Fashion Caps at the recent DP World Tour Championship Image Credit: Supplied

Gulf News: Roger, welcome and tell us about your outdoor sport and fashion caps?

Roger: BearFish Sports Apparel, part of the BearFish Sports Marketing Consultancy Group, launched its first set of outdoor sport and fashion caps during the recent DP World Tour Championship. The caps and brand were a Covid passion project of mine. I always wanted to develop my own brand and apparel, not just for golf but for all outdoor sports. When I was travelling a lot and playing golf or tennis, I always used to purchase caps in golf pro shops or in local shops. The issue I had was that when I came back to Dubai, the caps were smashed or ruined as I could only put them in my suitcase or golf bag so I thought of developing a small carry case that could fit in the side of a golf bag or clip to the side of a golf bag or sports bag.

Gulf News: What is different with your product?

Roger: I wanted to differentiate our product with every other cap that’s on the market. Our material, design and attention to detail will challenge any cap on the market in terms of quality but what really sets us apart is it comes free with a compact travel case which will fit comfortably in a suitcase or golf bag protecting your cap and therefore making the cap actually last longer!
So the caps are expensive but they will last much longer than your average sports cap. The caps are a composite light weight material that took me over two years to perfect along with several design iterations and a lot of headaches! But I think we are there, and I couldn’t be happier with the final product, reception and feedback we received from the public. Several players, caddies and even the CEO of the DP World Tour dropped by to check them out.

Gulf News: What is your ultimate goal?

Roger: My goal is to bring back color into outdoor sport. The golf public has gotten dull with lack of color and designs and these products will inspire people to wear brighter colors and according to him, put people in a better mood on the golf course!

Gulf News: Tell us about the wider BearFish Company?

Roger: We really are a Sports Marketing Consultancy servicing local and global clients. I’ve grown the business to where I can now focus a little bit more of the apparel side of my company. The apparel business was a passion project of mine that is quickly turning into a proper business pillar. With Padel, Golf, Tennis and the healthy lifestyle of Dubai, I am hoping my caps will protect everyone from the sun while they enjoy their favorite outdoor activity.

Gulf News: What’s next for BearFish Sports Apparel?

Roger: We are in phase one of the business strategy which is the caps and travel cases. We are about to move into phase two where we are in discussions with Italian designers to create the coolest matching golf belts which will fit into our travel cases as well. Phase three is play dry shirts and hoodies and that’s it. We will grow the business locally and globally in years four and five and take it from there. We are a boutique Dubai brand and will appeal to a certain demographic who care about quality, comfort and fashion while playing their favorite sport. I want to take our brand globally to continue to showcase to the world that incredible creativity can come from the UAE!