5G network Image Credit: wam

With the fifth generation wireless networks (5G) looming on the horizon, people in the UAE will shortly enjoy vastly superior data communication services.

Some believe 5G cellular technology poses a grave threat to human health as it requires more cell towers to be deployed much closer to where people work and live.

The health concerns of people in several countries have slowed the advent of 5G technology. The superfast wireless technology has become a reality far sooner than people expected. Many questions arise: how people will deal with this technology; how does it work; is it necessary for mankind; and would it pose a public health hazard?

Most people wonder how they can adapt to, or coexist with, the fifth generation of mobile technology, which is part of the fourth industrial revolution. What is undeniable is that the world is on the brink of the most important breakthrough in history.

Root of tech war?

The 5G technology, if it is exclusively possessed by a country, will control 40 per cent of the world’s estimated economy of $12 trillion (America’s share is 24.28 per cent the remaining for China, according to CNBC.

The big question is, is 5G technology the root of the tech war between the US and China? Are there other reasons for the trade war between Apple and Huawei? The answer is yes. The wireless cellular technology is what has been stoking the US-China tech war.

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This is simply because technology now is key to one of the largest economic sectors. In today’s intra-nation wars, economy is the main cause of conflicts. How could the 5G technology fuel a sharp conflict between the world’s two largest economies and most powerful countries?

It is no wonder 5G is causing a tech war between China and the US. The 5G wireless technology is much faster and stronger than 3G and 4G. It will revolutionise the world of industries — the automotive and aircraft industry, manufacturing of medical equipment and household appliances, among many other industries.

Changes to come

Autonomous vehicles will replace human-driven cars, and the regular fridge will be dumped into the nearest trash container and be replaced with a smart one, as well as there will be no light signals.

Everything in this world will change; even the old standards and technologies will be substituted, to keep up with the completely changed new life — the smart life From the first to the fourth generation of wireless networks, human beings have always been the main pillar of this technology.

However, with 5G technology, artificial intelligence will move from human to the machine, which will control our life in 2020. In a sense, artificial intelligence will shift from human to inanimate and solid bodies, like smart refrigerators, smart cars and smart light signals, among many others.

The year 2020 will mark a turning point in human history, with the world stepping into a new era where the number of internet-connected devices will reach up to 820 billion.

With respect to risks and human health concerns, the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has officially announced that there are challenges and risks surrounding the fourth industrial revolution, and no one can deny. However, the TRA stressed that the UAE has early prepared itself to enter the era of this revolution and opted to keep up with it through proactive strategies.

The UAE has chosen not to surrender to premature panic caused by uncertain risks, at least until now.

Mohammad Hassan Al Harbi is a renowned columnist and author whose writings cover various fields ranging from media studies to education.