Protests of court's ruling in regard to Sabarimala temple crisis Image Credit: Gulf News archives

What you need to know:

  • Reader discusses the Sabarimala crisis and urges people to live peacefully.

This in reference to the recent Sabarimala protests that took place in India. It is quite unfortunate that a cultured state like Kerala with a tagline called ‘God’s Own Country’ is going through violent protests and terror, because of the Sabrimala temple crisis. These have been fuelled by political parties.

Political parties must show their wisdom and sensibility when handling situations when religion is involved as it becomes a sensitive issue. This crisis also concerns a majority of the people in the state, so parties need to be extra careful. They cannot be overthrown with muscle power or by using force. The most disappointing aspect is that all the violent protests took place, all in a day, right after thousands of women made a human wall to protest against gender inequality.

With aggressiveness and hard line thinking, nothing can be achieved, instead political parties must realise that they are answerable to people who have voted them into power. How will they approach and justify their actions of belligerence and who will eventually compensate the loss of lives and properties?

A responsible government to ensure peace and stability is maintained and remains in the state. People should have the freedom to move around. They must realise that no one is going to win in such a prolonged battle and creating unrest, damaging public properties worth millions is not going to help anyone. The community should be ashamed of themselves.

- The reader is a resident of Muscat, Oman.