Melania Trump has 6.81 million followers on her Twitter account, but she has only tweeted five times since becoming the First Lady of the US.

But with a new hashtag she looks set to take over the spot left by Michelle Obama in empowering women all over the world.

However, many tweeps trolled her in response to her tweet. Many people even commented about Trump and his apparent views on women.

#Powerofthefirstlady - The hashtag appears in a few of her latest tweets, with the comment, “applause to all women around the world who speak up, stand up and support other women!”

@mskristinawong: “@FLOTUS @emrata You should point out specifically all the women who came out to march AGAINST your husband and what he stands for.”

@TamyEmmaPepin: “God, I feel sorry for Melania. Can’t even hire an intern to come up with an inspiring hashtag below 20 characters. #PowerOfTheFirstLady”

@DerekMyers: “Charging taxpayers $600,000 a day to live in NYC. That’s the real #PowerOfTheFirstLady.”

@TheBigGayAl: “What does #PowerOfTheFirstLady mean? Is it kinda like Cartman’s ‘you will respect my authority’?

@shiksaism: “Am I missing something? What is the #Powerofthefirstlady. And how does this painting relate...? #Melania #usa

@FFFFFrench: “What is this #PowerOfTheFirstLady junk? If she had any real power she would have stopped his tweeting long ago.”

@amurphous: “Your gibberish notwithstanding, I’m still no closer to understanding what #PowerOfTheFirstLady means.”

@Stevenson12Amy: “@FLOTUS #Powerofthefirstlady - To spend millions of tax payer’s money for a place in NY. You took the job you move or pay to stay in NY. Shameful”

But Melania Trump has her supporters:

@Patti0713: “@FLOTUS So proud to have a woman of such great character, grace, and style. You’re going to be a wonderful FLOTUS. #Powerofthefirstlady”

@BLRourke: “#PowerOfTheFirstLady Mrs Trump so many of us Real Americans think your beautiful and are proud of you as our first Lady. We pray for you all.”

@RhondaVanoy: “The First Lady has such a beautiful calming spirit that takes over the room when she walks in. #Powerofthefirstlady”

@Trish_Kell: “@FLOTUS #PowerOfTheFirstLady so proud to have you as our First Lady, you’re such a blessing.”

Linda Miller: “Here is an accomplished woman. She speaks 5 languages, is well educated, and a professional in her field. In addition, she has poise and grace. I love it that she is our First Lady. Pass this around if you agree.”

Mia Semuta: “I am still not entirely sure about her husband, but our new First Lady is fabulous!”